Line of stars in space.


Lyrics & Music: Maureen O'Brien
Insp: "The Bard's Tale", Terry Dixon, _Infinity Three_

Once some kids were out playing
As all of you have seen.
Some played catch and some played tag
And some played makebelieve, my friends,
Some played makebelieve.

"I'm a queen. Kneel down to me!"
"I'm a king. Bring more gold, more!"
"I'm a queen. Off with your head!"
"I'm a king. You feed the poor, my friends,
"I'm a king. You feed the poor!" "Who said that?" the big kids yelled.
"I did," said the youngest boy.
"Kings don't say such stupid things.
Go home and play with your baby toys," my friends,
"Go play with your baby toys."

They laughed at him and they thought of crowns
And stripped rosebushes to make their own.
They left him nothing but the thorns;
They laughed and left him all alone -- my friends,
They left him all alone.

His mother picked him up and said,
"The other kids wear crowns, I see.
Didn't they leave you a thing, my son?"
"Oh no, they left some thorns for me, my friends,
"They left some thorns for me."

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