Line of stars in space.


Lyrics & Music: Maureen S. O'Brien, 3\7-9\94
Nothing like a courtly love song to Space.

Destiny --
I know you are my destiny.
I know I must be blest, to be
So in love with you.

Destiny --
You're teasin' and you're testin' me;
It's bringin' out the best in me,
For this love is true.

Your body's black as night --
Your eyes are fusion-warm and bright
Your breath is gentle, cool, and light
You're easy on the sight.
But love, if I were blind,
The beauties hid in you would bind
Me closer with each one I find...
But I don't mind.

You are my

Destiny --
It's you who grew this quest in me,
And there will be no rest for me
Till I'm flyin' free...
No vanity.

You will see your

Directly manifest in me,
Your planets all caressed in me,
In humanities.

Repeat Bridge.

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