Line of stars in space.


In the Forest of Stars

Lyrics: Maureen S. O'Brien, 9-11-95
I got the "sky as forest of stars" image from a poem by Hitamaro in the Manyooshuu. Which is probably why I wrote this poem in syllabic verse, though not unfortunately in any Japanese form of it.
Music: Sherman Dorn, copyright 1996

Far Away

Lyrics: (verses) Maureen S. O'Brien, spring 1996
Music and chorus lyrics: "Over the Hills and Far Away", Trad. British soldier song

I got the idea for this medley at OVFF.

In the forest of stars,
It must be autumn now --
Red and orange, gold and brown.
The wind blows. The stars shake
At the omens in the wind.
If I could walk there now In a shade that's leaflight-dappled... Path paved with planets Like crunching fallen leaves... If I could run like fire Through those far hills filled with fire... If I could smell them dripping down the autumn rain....

CH: Far away and far away --
Over the hills and far away --
Our captain calls and we obey,
Over the hills and far away.

Space elevator seems so slow.
We rise above the lands we know.
We leave the ones we love below
And off to discover worlds we go.


Our starship runs a race with light.
No ship has won that losing fight,
But suns will blur to traffic lights
And Time'll slow down to watch our flight.


We end our flight where we were bred.
The hustling, bustling streets we tread
Are filled with strangers. Friends are dead --
Better the new worlds up ahead.


In the forest of stars,
There's secrets to be learned
By the quiet walk and gaze.
Campfires, small flowers,
Watchers peering from behind the leaves. If I could walk there now In a shade that's leaflight-dappled... Path paved with planets Crumbling into dirt, like leaves... If I could meet them there In a clearing deep in silence... Look into outside eyes across the autumn rain....

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