Line of stars in space.

Mindwalk If You Will

Lyrics: Maureen S. O'Brien, 8/22/95
Music: Lennon/McCartney, "I Will". Preferably as sung by Ben Taylor.
Inspired by: Gayle Greeno's series _The Ghatti's Tale_.

Now, if I couldn't mindspeak,
Could you still fall for me?
I'm not much on conversation --
Let me try some poetry.
If all I had were words to tell
My dreams and thoughts and will...
Let me set them out before you,
Let you mindwalk if you will.

Forever you're lonely when you're only
A soul on your own and apart,
For even a mindfriend can't unwind them --
The mysteries held in your heart.
So if you'll let me love you,
I will love you all life long.
It could take that long to hear me
When I tell you not to fear me,
But I thank the one that steered me to you!
Mindwalk if you will.

Before I learned to speak my mind,
I wandered through my soul
With no mind to share my stories,
With no heart to make me whole.
But now my ghatti Bondmate wears
My earring in her ear --
I want your ring on my finger,
But you hold it back in fear.

Now, when you find a Bondmate,
It's like you're given wings --
But your copilot's not human,
And a flight's not everything.
We can't build on a cloudbank
When it's a nest we need.
But it's hard to build with twigs, love,
So you fear we won't succeed. But--


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