Line of stars in space.

Just One Step

Lyrics & Music: Maureen O'Brien

The rockets rise up every day
As common as computers,
And people come and go that way.
On weekends, there's commuters.
I know you've heard it all before:
The 'endless sea', the 'starry shore',
The freedom of that fiery door --
I know you've heard my story,
But good ol' space is glory. CH: And if I dream of running, when I sleep,
Then I can dream of flying when I'm waking!
And though I know it's just one step I'm taking,
It was so hard to take one step before.

There was a time I couldn't walk --
Before I got my implants.
But talk of running's only talk --
Even people using stim can't.
But now I'm taking ship to go
Out where the gravity is low.
The crew's looks tell me that they know
Why I'm bound for a station --
"There's one more for Immigration."


So if you see some groundhog here
Grinning madly, spare no pity.
I know you see it all the time
In your normal low-grav city.
And I'm so glad this day is true,
I don't care what you say or do --
'Cause here, I'm just the same as you.
And I *will* learn to fly.
I'll do it till I die!


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