Line of stars in space.

The Steerswoman's Answer

Lyrics: Maureen O'Brien
Music: Anne Harlan Prather, "Sybil's Song"
Insp: _The Steerswoman_ & _The Outskirter's Secret_, Rosemary Kirstein

Steerswomen roam 'cause the sea is our home,
The heart of all of our lives.
It taught us thought through the charts we wrought
And the knowledge we'd need to survive.
The skills we learned served us when we turned
To drawing out maps of the shore.
The questions we ask of the world are our task,
And we always ask one question more.

CH: Ask me a question, and I'll try to answer
For I'm a steerswoman and I will not lie.
But tell me a lie, friend, deny me an answer,
And stand under ban till the day that you die.

The world is wide, and the answers hide
In the mem'ries of women and men,
In deepest sea, and in wizardry,
And places no faces have been.
Though ignorance holds us, and falsehood enfolds us
In blindfolds as black as the night,
You can peer, brain and eyes, through the mesh of all lies
To truth's jewels, opalescent and bright.


You asked me why that I chart the sky
And the roads that I travel each day.
So what I could I do except answer you
With the same words you just heard me say.
So here's the news of what towns you choose
And the messages sent by your kin;
The road is long, but the truth is strong
And we've barely begun to begin.


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