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Updated December 30, 2003.

I became an X-Phile just in time to see "Gethsemane", the 4th season finale. I had to fill the time somehow, so I ended up writing some filks (and fanfic, too). I also became a shipper -- a person who wants Mulder and Scully to get together -- so some of these songs may be more hopeful than canon-based.

Show-based songs, with spoilers galore....

She Is My Sun: Mulder muses about Scully during the cancer arc. (M/S shipper stuff)

Beyond Gethsemane: I was hoping Scully knew what was going on...
I Wish I'd (Fallen in Love With You): ...but what if she hadn't? (M/S shipper material.)
Triptych: My view of what happened in Gethsemane/Redux/Redux II.
Rouge Agent, aka Colorful Metaphors: an annoying typo inspires a colorful history of the X-Files. Spoilers up to "Redux II".

The Lady of Our Land: my thoughts on who Sharon Skinner and Susanne Modeski really represent. Based on "Avatar" and "Unusual Suspects".

Sleeping Bags Rain: From "Detour". (M/S shipper stuff) This shoulda been a funny song. Oh, well.

Dancin' in Memphis, from "Post-Modern Prometheus" --
    Yeah, I know it didn't happen. And?
Scully's version, written first
Mulder's version, which scans better to the original song.

Dead Bunnies Aren't Much Fun: from "A Christmas Carol"

No Proof, No Body: from "Emily".

Soul Is Steel: from "Kitsunegari"

The Trees Move: from "Schizogeny". Karin's point of view.

The X-Files Seven Wonders. Yes, I do like Season 5. Any questions?

Polly, Let's Have Fun: from "Chinga". A clapping game for your favorite little witchkid and demon doll.

She Can Check for Santeria: Mulder's speech in "Chinga".

Folie a Deux, from the episode of the same name.

Stand in the Office contains HUGE spoilers for "The End", the 5th season finale episode. Don't read it unless you've already seen the final scene of the season. I mean it.

Logical World: Scully during her pen-penultimate season. Sometimes life ain't fair.

Bad News: Scully after Mulder's abduction. (All right, so Mulder didn't wear Scully's cross. But it looked like it when the ep was broadcast, didn't it? And he should have been. So there.)

Movie Filk: HUGE spoilers! HUGE M/S Shipper Mush!

Doorway Mulder's POV on the hallway scene.

At the End of the World Scully POV. If you didn't hear it, you were in the wrong seat in the theater. Yes, digital sound is just another way for Chris Carter to mess with your mind. (Of course, then the Scullster's cracked skull kinda made her forget, but she did see it.)

Believer Mulder POV after the movie.

Songs not connected to a specific ep:

The 14th of February: based on a fanfic story by Ravenscion.

Fibbie Moon: a Scullyist filk of both the American and Japanese Sailor Moon themesongs.

Why Do I Let My Partner Drive?: Scully answers a perennial question.

Your Eyes Are a Forest: Scully muses to Mulder. (M/S shipper stuff) Okay, so I wrote this before "Detour". But it fits, doesn't it? Works for "Schizogeny", too.

About the show and its fans:

ATXC 1999, a filk I wrote for the newsgroup on New Year's. Half paean, half defiance...and a lot of fun to write.

Ah, TomMc! A song for Tom McCown, also known as McSatan on the X-Files list I'm on.

Dawson Rambo: a song about one of my favorite fanfic writers, and Help with Umbra, my version of the pleas on the newsgroup from people trying to read his novel-in-progress, Umbra II, without reading Umbra first. Go read his stuff on his page.

Evil Empress of the X, written in reaction to a very bizarre fanfic by Miss Elise (and a discussion about how to get feedback).

For Madeleine Partous: my reaction to her return to fanfic. Go read her stuff on her page.

Here Comes Punk M. for Punk Maneuverability's return to X-Files fanfic.

The Skeptic: Chris Carter wrote the pilot for The Nanny. 'Nuff said.

To Paula Vitaris, a sonnet parody proving that in fandom, nothing is forgotten...especially by people with good search tools.

The Treehouse's X-Files Multimedia Archive was shut down by Fox on March 22nd, 1998. Treehouse is my song about it. I e-mailed a copy to Fox.

Of course I don't own The X-Files. Chris Carter, Ten-Thirteen, and Fox do. But these filks are mine, all mine. Consider all associated pages disclaimed, too.

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