Delta Clipper

Lyrics: Maureen S. O'Brien 9\18\94
Music: "Leave Her Johnny", Amer. Trad.

I thought I heard the wild winds say
*Clipper, Delta Clipper.*
But I had heard a billion pray
*And it's time for Delta Clipper.*

CH: Clipper, Delta Clipper. Oh, Clipper, Delta Clipper.
The wait was long, but the need was strong
And it's time for Delta Clipper.

I dreamed I saw an awesome sight
A spaceship landing all on light

I saw the hatch doors open wide
And all of space was held inside

Then I awoke and the dream was dead.
*Clipper, Delta Clipper...* But the plans still work, and some day ahead *It will be time for Delta Clipper*.

Note: The Delta Clipper project has been discontinued. But it still seems to me that it is a practical design, particularly when we get out to the planets.

Original ending:

Then I awoke. Was my dream true?
Oh, this song's end depends on you.

Note: Congress transferred the Delta Clipper project to NASA. In the next few weeks, it is going to decide whether Clipper will receive further funding to build a half-scale working model and a full-size actual Delta Clipper. Bug the committee. Bug your congressmembers. Do it now.