by Meitantei Kudo KID

General Disclaimer

Author's Note: A little something I thought up of at night and I wrote it down when I was bored.

Disclaimer: All characters of Majikku Kaito belong to Aoyama Gôshô. All SH22 characters belong to DIC (except for Holmes and Moriarty. They’re copyrighted by Doyle) Meitantei Kudo KID belongs to ME. And furthermore.... *gets gagged and carried off by annoyed readers*

Prelude: The Perfect Heist?

This was the perfect night. The execution of the heist was beautiful. He smirked. And who knew that Nakamori-keibu has such nice pair of happy face boxers?

The Kaito KID glided through the air with tonight’s prize: a small Buddha made of beryl. He giggled at the thought of the look on the inspector’s face while others were gawking. Hakuba was there too. The British detective had become redder than a beet and slapped his head with frustration and embarrassment. "Kuroba...." they mumbled.

Ah, yes. The perfect heist, he thought, Can’t get any better than this!

Unfortunately, he spoke too soon.

He glimpsed a bright light coming up behind him. He tried to dodge, but it was too late. He felt a hot stinging bind on him and his glider. He fell helplessly onto something hard and blacked out.

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