A Study in Solar Systems

Part 1: A Quick Astronomy Lesson

by Trynia (tryniamerin at yahoo.com)

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A story I'm trying out... please R and R?
It was another afternoon at 221B Baker Street, and another case that Lestrade was filling Holmes in on, and she had run intoanother subject he needed updating on, namely astronomy. For all he knew, according to the journals, he still believed in an Earth-centered solar system. Something that would not help him with the latest case. A solar yacht had had a technical malfunction in one of its sails, and the crime appeared to have been sabotage. Or so she was trying to convince the Chief Inspector! So now she was trying to count to ten as she stood near the vid player she'd dropped off at Holmes' apartment, struggling to keep her patience with him.
"Honestly, how do you expect me to even begin to try and teach you anything about this case if you don't even know basic astronomy! ZED!" complained the spirited lady cop. Frustrated, she chewed her lip and paced back and forth, with her arms across her chest.
The object of her tirade simply crossed his narrow knees and leaned forward on his chair, shaking his head as he drew in a deep breath. Bluish gray eyes fixed on hers, and he struggled to grip his self-control. What was it about this woman that drove him mad? Holmes wondered. Inhaling again he cleared his throat and said, "My dear Lestrade, in my day astronomy was hardly a subject I wasted my efforts upon. The planets and sun could orbit the Earth for all I am concerned...."
"Well, get with the 22nd century, Holmes." Lestrade whirled on him, her dark hair cascading around her shapely face. In her features he saw a hint of her predecessor, and perhaps that was the start of his tension. Holmes felt his blood pressure rising.
"As I recall, My dear Lestrade, it was not I who brought me into this time," he huffed, a puff of air fluffing up the bit of reddish blonde hair that had slipped down over his forehead. Much like Lestrade, he folded his arms over his chest and bit his lip, mumbling to himself.
"All right," Lestrade relented, after mentally counting to ten. "Now, here is a vid about astronomy. It should be basic enough for you... I should have known this zed-forsaken problem would come up sooner instead of later..."
"Lestrade, I know that this must have bearing on the case," Holmes sighed. "But you must have patience. Even a great detective must know all the facts, and an inspector like yourself must know that...."
"Sometimes I wonder why I bothered bringing you back," Lestrade muttered under her breath as she tossed the disk at Holmes, and he caught it neatly between his long slender fingers. Although Holmes had heard her comment, he declined to return it, considering it looked as if the lady inspector had a tough day. He had heard the verbal tongue-lashings that Chief Inspector Grayson bestowed on his superior officer, and knew it wasn't easy dealing with his sparkling personality.
"Since you insisted on bringing me back," Holmes sighed as he slipped on the videophones and inserted the disc neatly into its compartment. "I suggest we calm ourselves since we must work together -- since you insisted on having me work under you as I recall -- which was your decision."
"If you say I made my bed and now I have to lie in it --" Lestrade snapped as she whirled on him, her cheeks flushed red with anger.
Holmes raised an eyebrow under his videophones at her suggestion, and she could see the tips of his ears turn red with the start of a blush. He cleared his throat and crossed and uncrossed his legs, as if shifting to get more comfortable in the chair, and paid attention to the vid, "Most remarkable -- the sundoes sit at the center of the solar system --"
"Zed." Lestrade rolled her eyes.
"LESTRADE!" came a voice from her wristcom. Sighing again she lifted the videocom to her mouth and punched the link to see the image of her chief bane -- er, inspector -- swirl into the green-blue LCD screen.
"Lestrade here, talk to me --"
"There is a CRIME in progress and I don't need you lollygagging about! I need ANSWERS, and I need them now! Is your deceased PI going to spill or not?"
"I'm filling him in now, Chief --"
"Well, get a wiggle on and get back here straightaway, Lestrade! The CEO of Nusolar is here chewing me arse red, and how am I supposed to explain to him that the Yard is being held up in its investigation by you?"
"All right already, zed, I'll be there --" she mumbled.
"Haven't you checked out the warehouse on pier 57 yet? A new break-in happened just ten minutes ago -- and --"
"I'll be there!" Lestrade snapped as she punched the button and banished the image of the Chief Inspector into blackness.
"He shouldn't yell at you," Holmes said softly, though his eyes were veiled by the videophones, and his fingers were steepled before him as he rested his elbows on his folded legs.
"I got used to it," Lestrade shrugged as she turned back.
"Still, since you are one of his top inspectors --" Holmes started, and them stopped as Lestrade opened her mouth at the left-handed compliment.
"Why, Holmes, was that something nice you said?" Lestrade asked with a lopsided grin, as she took the videophones and whisked them off his face.
"Ah, ah, I'm learning astronomy," Holmes waggled a long finger at her as he tried to reach the videophones.
"Admit it --" Lestrade grinned, holding them just out of his reach.
"Blast you -- I need those --" Holmes groaned as he leapt out of his chair and Lestrade leapt out of the way.
"What will you do for them?" she teased as she dangled them before him.

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