Part 1

by Krystal

General Disclaimer

Like the title says. I was bored when I wrote this.
Sherlock Holmes sat in his study, bored out of his mind. He didn't find figuring out people just by what he saw fun anymore. To his great joy there came a knock at the door. Almost tripping over the rug, he opened the door to find Lestrade standing there, totally soaked from head to toe.
"Hello, Holmes. I found this flyer outside your door."
He took the paper, skimming over the words. Intrigue flashed across his sharp-featured face.
"What's up with you?" Lestrade was getting annoyed.
"Come. We have a case with Fate!" Holmes grabbed his coat and half-dragged Lestrade to her hovercar.
"What is wrong with you?!?!?"
"I have nothing better to do. And I crave anything out of the ordinary. Here." Holmes gave her the flyer. "Go to this address."
"And I thought today would be different," she muttered under her breath.
They reached the other side of New London ten minutes later. They walked up to a little shop with a beaded door and weird books and necklaces in the window.
"I'm sure you would want that one, Lestrade." Holmes pointed to a necklace with a miniature skull dangling by its eye sockets.
"Only if that was Moriarty's head."
The strong smell of incense filled their nostrils when they walked in. A boy of sixteen greeted them before they could go any further.
"Hello, and how may I help you?"
"We would like to have our fortunes read," Holmes said.
"This way." He led them to the back room which smelt twice as bad.
"I'll go get her. Make yourselves comfortable." He waved towards the blue and purple beanbag chairs.
"Holmes, will you please tell me what this is about?" said Lestrade, trying to sit in the horrible chair.
"I have always been curious about fortunetellers -- if they really can tell you who you are with no help."
She was about to give a witty reply when a girl of sixteen walked in wearing a gypsy-like costume.
Well, there will be more, don't worry. So tell me what you think. Before the goat comes to get me again.

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