I Brought Sherlock Holmes Back

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at lycos.com)
Okay, once again I was bored at work...I had this song sung by John Michael Montgomery (I could Love You Like That) and then this idea came to me. It's only the first verse and chorus because I went completely blank...but that's okay, this was a one-shot thing anyway.

I Brought Sherlock Holmes Back

Lyrics: Mary
To the tune of "I Could Love You Like That", by John Michael Montgomery

They said it was impossi-
-Ble, that it wasn't true
That Moriarty could not be alive.
Despite the skepticism
I knew what I must do
The compudroid and I went to the warehouse
Where history was stored

With the help of Sir Evan Hargreaves
That piece of history was restored

I brought Sherlock Holmes back,
To rescue this world
(in)Twenty-one oh four
Moriarty Beware
Cause you're going down
Your archnemesis is back in town.

I brought Sherlock Holmes back

Tee hee

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