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"Marry him or murder him or do anything else you like with him."
-- Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (The Literary Agent) to William Gillette, who had asked if he could marry Holmes off in his play

"There is no Sherlockian worthy of his salt who has not, at least once in his life, taken Dr. Watson's pen in hand and given himself to the production of a veritable adventure...."
-- Edgar W. Smith, Introduction to The Return of Solar Pons by August Derleth

Here's where I put (or link to) the stories which the show somehow neglected to give us. Please feel free to send me (suburbanbanshee at any story in any style. Express yourself, do bizarre things to the characters, tell other fans what you really think, or just make us bite our nails waiting for the next part! Anything goes, because this is fanfic. Hey, we all love a mystery!

(I edit lightly for spelling, punctuation and grammar. If I edit too much, tell me and we'll fix it; I do keep a copy of each original file you send me.)

Alicia (formerly Angel)

Don't Think of Me
An angsty songfic.
(Finished 3/12/02)

The Good Old Days.
Lestrade travels back in time to the early days of Baker Street.
(Finished 12/18/01)

Guy Stuff
Holmes and Watson do male bonding.
(Finished 5/31/03)

Happy Birthday...How Old Are You Now?
Lestrade's eightieth birthday party.
(Posted 8/3/02)

Goodbye...Yeah, Right
Sequel to "Happy Birthday...How Old Are You Now?"
Holmes and Watson move out.
(Finished 8/22/02)

Here We Go Again....
Lestrade, Holmes and Greyson are going to Liverpool.
(Finished 12/8/01)

I'll Find You
"Wherever you go, I'll find you."
(Finished 3/27/02)

It Was Probably Just the Wind....
Take out your hankie now and save the rush.
(Finished 12/4/01)

Loup Garou
Lestrade spends her nights off...differently.
(Finished May 2003)

"Moonlight Stroll"
Wiggins walks home late. Probable sequel to "Loup Garou".
(Finished 5/27/04)

Melted Wax
Deidre and the scents of night.
(Finished 5/15/03)
A slightly different version of the story is available as "Flying on Wings of Dust".

Milk, No Sugar
"You don't ask how I want my tea. You haven't since the day we met."
(Finished 2/18/04)

My Family
Wiggins talks about his family. Sequel to "Milk, No Sugar".
(Finished 2/18/04)

Not What She Appears
Lestrade is not what she appears! (Gasp!)
(Finished 2/15/04)

Please Sit Down
Three Lestrade vignettes.

Artemis Fowl/SH22 crossover.
(Finished 9/11/02, revised 2/16/03)

Ten Things to Show You're Obsessed
A list.
(Finished 8/16/01)

Things You'll Never Hear on SH22
A list.
(Finished 8/16/01)

The Tour
The SH22 characters chat, visit this humble site and even read one of my fics. Gee, thanks, Angel! *Maureen flees for her life*
(Finished 12/9/01)

View from the Top
The Chief Inspector's take on things.
(Finished 3/3/04)

Alicia/Lli on
Her page at


In the End
A depressed songfic.
(Finished 3/12/02)

Annie Magee

The Case of the Desperate Nation.
New London is held hostage.
(Finished 12/5/01)

Annie's webpage
Annie on (Mrs. Neptune Holmes).


The Story of the Fourth Irregular
Holmes faces one of his greatest challenges, with only a stranger to help him.
(Finished 6/10/06)


"Behind the Scenes"
Behind the scenes at SH22.
(Finished 5/16/04)

Caity and Colyn Bunch

Mary posted Happy New Year
A fairytale written by Mary's small niece and nephew.
(Finished 12/15/01)


Blasted Metal
Holmes remembers Watson...both of them.
(Finished 10/16/03)

Insurance Plan
Lestrade is tormented by telemarketers...or is it something worse?
(Finished 8/13/03)

The Irregulars' Christmas Caroling.
Holmes and Watson hear some very sick people. ;)
(Finished 1/22/04)

The Key to the Mystery
Lestrade loses her keys.
(Finished 10/10/03)


Circumstantial Evidence
Deidre thinks she's finally got the goods on Holmes and Lestrade.
(Finished 9/11/02)

Someone is watching Lestrade.
(Finished 10/20/02)

Somebody can't believe Holmes' behavior.
(Finished 10/28/02)

Cyberwolf's page
Her page

D.E. Lewis

"'Twas the Night Before Christmas"
A story for the season.
(Finished 12/22/01)

D.E.'s page on


Live with Moriarty:
Moriarty has a radio show.
(Finished 12/31/01)


Top Ten Reasons Holmes Never Got Married
Just what it says.
(Finished 3/11/03)

Jaka Ray

Bedbugs and Broomsticks,
dRuNkEn VaMpIrEs, and
Rooby Roo Reats Rarerock Roams.
A loony and romantic H/L serial. Beyond description. Nominally a sequel to Annie Magee's "The Case of the Desperate Nation".

Jaka Ray's page

Jennifer Grenier

The Past Is Never Just the Past.
While Holmes and Lestrade move toward the future, Lestrade's past is about to catch up with her.
(Completed 4/28/02)


Might Have Been
"You stand above me, my enemy, triumphant at last." Implied slash.
(Completed 1/10/04)


Dire Consequences
Holmes and Beth Lestrade have just completed a normal day of testifying in court. The rest of the day will be far from normal.
(Completed 7/20/02)

Here on Gilligan's Isle
Our folks find themselves castaways. And not alone, either.
(Completed 8/5/02)


Interview with Lestrade
Up close and personal with Inspector Lestrade!
(Finished 5/26/01)

The Case of the Lost Saiyan
A Dragonball Z/SH22 crossover. And Lestrade, you might not want to pick a fight with these guys. Trust me.
(Finished 3/28/02)

Jordanna Morgan

Jordanna's homepage
Her page

Beth Lestrade deals with fantasy and reality during a New Year’s Eve misadventure.
(Posted 9/18/03)

Stranger than Fiction.
Holmes recalls another singular individual of the nineteenth century.
(Posted 8/17/03)

Two Drabbles
Read 'em! They're short!
(Posted 7/30/03)


A Song for You
"If ever there was a day when there wasn't enough time...."
(Finished 4/10/03)

Where I Belong
"How do you know it's not real?"
(Completed 4/8/03)

Julie Meyer

I Never Thought It Would End This Way
Songfic. "They say you should hold onto good things while you have them...."
(Finished 10/20/02)

Katie Thompson

Where Are You?.
Lestrade is missing, but Holmes is on the case.
(Finished 5/27/03)


America: 22nd Century.
A "Gold, Silver and Bronze" side story dedicated to the victims of September 11, 2001, based on a dream she had. I'm really glad she wrote this; stories are one of the few things we can use to work out our sadness over events like these.
(Finished 9/17/01)

Interview with Sherlock Holmes and Harry Potter
Like the title says.
(Finished 11/24/01)

The Story of Cassie Holmes
The past history of Cassie from "Gold, Silver and Bronze".
(Finished 2/23/02)

TV Show Screwups.
Fake bloopers!
(Finished 11/24/01)


The Playful Fog
A young woman has a strange Halloween encounter.
(Finished 11/4/03)

Liz De Jong

Relentless Past.
A woman brought back to life in the future seeks the truth about her past -- but her past is also seeking her.

Liz also has written interviews with Holmes.

Martha Roylott Slaney

"Sherlock Holmes Sat Brooding"
A holiday tale.
(Finished 7/25/01)

Mary Christmas

Our Heroes negotiate with Mary's muses.
(Finished 7/29/04)

The Case of the Ring of Innocence (on Mary's homepage)
When a young woman is found dead in the Thames, it was proclaimed an accident. However, her husband insists that it was not. What will happen when Sherlock Holmes and Inspector Lestrade get caught up in a black market scandal that threatens both their lives, and Lestrade's job?

The Case of the Singular Suitor
A London fog, mysterious assailants, and Lestrade in trouble? Sounds like a case for Sherlock Holmes!
(Finished 5/23/01)

Sequel to "The Case of the Singular Suitor". Lestrade's brother has a Cunning Plan, and the folks on Baker Street are part of it. But then Fate takes a hand....
(Finished 6/3/01)

Sequel to "Reminiscence". Lestrade goes undercover with an unusual cover story.
(Finished 6/21/01)

Cinderella...Well, Sort of....
A parody of Cinderella, SH22/Basil of Baker Street style!
(Finished 3/22/02)

The Dance
Songfic. "I would've missed/The dance."
(Finished 12/8/01)

Shippy drabble wherein Deidre eavesdrops.
(Posted 7/29/04)

Everything's Just Ducky
It's a Beth Lestrade flashback and a Darkwing crossover, ducks!
(Finished 9/22/01)

A Star Trek Next Gen/Voyager crossover.
(Completed 8/7/02), Moriarty and the Beanstalk
A fractured fairy tale about poor, persecuted Moriarty.
(Finished 4/13/03)

Jumping to Conclusions
You've got to wait for all the facts.
(Finished 1/7/04)

Misunderstood: Diary of a Madman
Noone knows what it's like to be the bad man.
(Finished 12/12/01)

My Lovely MST
We'll make the characters read badfic
The worst that we can find (la, la, la)
(Finished 12/5/01)

Practice makes perfect!
(Finished 2/9/03)

SH22 Dating Game - Episode 2!
Poor Moriarty.
(Finished 2/15/03)

Sherlock Boo
An Animaniacs/SH22 crossover.
(Finished 3/5/02)

Truth or Dare
Mary makes the SH22 characters (and others) play "Truth or Dare".
(Finished 11/24/01)

Lestrade was never very good at waiting.
(Finished 10/16/03)

Weird Mood
A brief vignette.
(Finished 6/19/03)

Mary Christmas' page, fanfic page, and Basil22 homepage

Maureen S. O'Brien

Who the devil could scare Moriarty?

Another Country
'Missing scene' for the episode "The Fall and Rise of Sherlock Holmes".

Bee Mine
Beth Lestrade's not fond of Valentine's Day.

'Missing scene' from "The Adventure of the Deranged Detective".

'Missing scene' for the episode "The Adventure of the Empty House". Because Lestrade took all that awfully well, didn't she?

A surprise crossover. Don't know what you'll think of it, but OTOH, it's at least complete!

Nothing but fluff. You Have Been Warned.

'Missing scene' somewhere between "The Crime Machine" and "The Hounds of the Baskervilles".

Watcher v1.1
'Missing scene' for "The Adventure of the Deranged Detective".

Meleisah's page

Actions and Consequences
Holmes pokes his nose where it doesn't belong.
(Finished 10/13/03)

Songfic. "Then Lestrade did something very strange."
(Finished 12/31/02)

Heights, Anyone?
What if Lestrade had a phobia?
(Finished 10/11/03)


Art Appreciation
Holmes as artgeek. Mature content.
(Finished 2/5/03)
Restricted Access
The sequel to "Art Appreciation". Mature content.
(Finished 4/2/06)


In the 22nd century, the Phantom still walks the Paris Opera House.
(Finished 11/2/03)

Figlio Perduto
(Sequel to "Masquerade") When Moriarty is kidnapped, who ya gonna call? Erika and Fenwick consult Sherlock Holmes!
(Finished 1/4/04)

Growing Pains
Prequel to "Masquerade".
(Finished 11/10/03)

N.B.D./Cyber Dustbunny

Might Be in Love with You
Lestrade's thoughts.

NBD's page on


The Christmas Wish
What does Holmes really want for Christmas?
(Finished 4/2/03)


To Know What Is Real
An adventure songfic from Racheal's roleplaying universe.
(Finished 4/14/03)


A Bad Christmas Wish
Be careful what you wish for, Lestrade! You may get it.
(Finished 3/7/01)

A Bad Christmas Wish II
Be careful what you wish for...somebody else! Sequel to "A Bad Christmas Wish".
(Finished 12/28/01)

The Journey to the Underworld.
So just how far would Lestrade go to save Holmes?
(Finished 6/22/01)

Murderer at the New London University.
Holmes and Lestrade go undercover to stop a serial killer.
(Finished 6/9/01)

A New London Night's Dream
Selene directs a new Shakespeare film with a cast of SH22 characters.
(Finished 9/1/02)

Pyramus and Thisbe
Selene directs another new Shakespeare film.
(Finished 3/17/03)

Time Trip.
Holmes travels back in time - but not to when you'd think.
(Finished 6/8/02)


"Happy Pie Day".
Tennyson keeps trying to tell people it's a holiday.
(Posted 3/14/04)


The Adventure of the Mysterious Benefactor
There are quite a few mysteries about Tennyson's life; here's Stacey's solution.
(Finished 6/8/01)

The Case of the Missing Irregular
One of our Irregulars is missing.
(Finished 12/3/01)


The Singular Affair of the Second Moriarty
Someone's coming after Holmes -- but someone else is after that someone.
(Finished 6/7/01)

The Fall of the Phoenix
Sequel to "The Singular Affair of the Second Moriarty". When disaster strikes at a skyboarding race, Sherlock Holmes is on the case.
(Finished 6/29/01)

The Eighth Guest
Sequel to "The Fall of the Phoenix". When Tessa invites her friends to share a special occasion, she has no idea she's also inviting danger.

Trynia Merin

Alone at Last
Being stuck alone in a cell with Holmes is getting on Beth's last nerve.
(Posted 3/4/04)

Trynia Merin's page


"Whenever I want you, all I have to do is dream."
(Posted 3/9/04)

Message Board Collaborations

Mary Christmas and Liz de Jong

"The SH22 Dating Game"

Round Robin I::

"The Woman Who Forgot Herself"
When Lestrade is attacked at her own front door, she loses her memory and finds herself in trouble.
(Finished 3/25/02)


"When evil took wing"
"My hearing aids and my hoverchair"

Mary Christmas:
"A Ballad"

"Little brown bird".

"Down there, people".

Fanfic Links

Okay, so it's not fanfic. But read Brett Fawcett's essay "Brotherly Hatred: Moriarty at Reichenbach" over on the Wold Newton site. Brilliant deductions! includes SH22 fics under both Cartoons/Miscellaneous and Books/Sherlock Holmes.

Angelina_809's page

Anozira's page. Bless her!

baby's page

Brink's page

Brittney's page. (as Stardreams15)

Cyberwolf's page

Jaka Ray's page

Jeanster's page. She also has an SH22 story here and her own homepage. Many of her stories are slash or R-rated.

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Lli's page

Meleisah's page (as Silvarius)

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Rose with Thorns' page

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Sigerson's page

thecoolone's page

Trynia Merin's page

YamiStarFireDemon's page

Time to Spare by Miss Roylott, over on her site, takes a different tack towards SH22 romance. (A word to the wise: if male/male relationships aren't your cup of tea, don't click on over.)

Jeanster also has SH22 slash, as well as at least one other SH22 story a bit beyond my ISP's TOS.

Robochaplain from 'Creeping Man'

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