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We also have a computer game, a Winamp skin, and links to reviews, pictures, message boards, and other fan pages of interest.

Winamp skin:

Is it colorful enough? :)


Download this nice little freeware computer game which can be customized. These folks did Battle of the Planets custom images for both Mac and PC. I have a PC, so I made a SH22 bitmap with pictures of some of our folks. If anybody would like to make a Mac version I'll put it up.

To play the PC version: Install the .zip file and my bitmap in the same directory. Unzip the .zip file. You'll get an .exe file (the game), a .txt file (the read-me file), and a bunch of .bmps (including mine). "Options/Load Bitmap" will let you pick out whatever set of game pieces you want to use.

The object of the game is to 1) match as many tiles as possible, thus clearing them from the board. Tiles on top of vanished tiles move down. If an entire column of tiles is cleared out, the columns to the right move left. The trick is to plan ahead, so as not to leave tiles isolated without matches. The cute bit is that the tiles look different when you move your mouse on top of them. In my bitmap, the characters smile at you. Have fun!

Message Boards:

Chipsk452's Message Board for discussion of SH22, particularly fanfic.
Kelsey's Message Board for discussion of SH22.
Yahoo group for the discussion of SH22. Public archives.

The original roleplaying board

The new roleplaying board, for fewer crossovers and more SH22 rp.

Holmes_Tales, an rp on Yahoo Groups.

SH22 RolePlay, an rp on Yahoo Groups.

SH22 Fans, a rp on Yahoo Groups.

SH22 Rules, a discussion group on Yahoo Groups.

Other Fan Pages:

TheWhatever Remains page, in which I argue that Holmes and Beth Lestrade aren't just friends. (Gee, you've never heard that before from me, have you?)

A Paris Dreamer's Homepage is Annie Magee's page. Includes SH22 material.

Basil of Baker Street in the 22nd Century If Holmes can come back, Mary thinks Basil can, too!

Basil of Baker Street's Forum

SH22 on Starz' Mystery Channel? Stay tuned....
Brad Keefauver mentions the SH22 roleplayers in his newsletter


Miss Roylott ardently defends our show. has a few more reviews, most of which seem right-minded enough (eg, they agree with me!).
Yaoi Huntress Earth has some criticisms to make. But check out the rest of her toon reviews; she's actually got some decent things to say about some fairly unexamined toons.
Moon River Archive: see the entry for August 4, 2000. You'll like it.
A moment of SH22 synchronicity from the Daily Forecaster. (Scroll waaaaay down.)

Picture Links:

Keyframe has a good image up of Holmes, Lestrade and Watson.
Toonarific has six screen caps from the credits.
Hounds of the Baskervilles: screencaps of the Hound/s.

Music Links:

Wave Themes Home Page has the theme, available by email request. You're looking for SHOLME22.ZIP, which will include the .wav file and a .txt file of credits. You can also download the .wav file and .txt file here.

Eric Allaman posted an mp3 of his "Sherlock Holmes Suite" (some of his techno music for the series) at the bottom of his Television music page. Other pages contain other cool pieces.

Three Headed Monkey apparently performs the theme song in concert. They also posted an MP3 of their cover of the song, which is on their album Lost Folktunes of Melee Island. They appear to be having fun with said theme, but I sorta favor the original version.


Sherlock Holmes International includes many Sherlockian links of interest.
The Great Mouse Detective
Sherlockian kids' links
Memoirs of a Sherlockian Freak. I particularly recommend the cartoon on the joys of being a Sherlockian under 40.... ;)
Cyberwing is messageboard regular Cyberwolf's homepage.

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