Figlio Perduto

Chapter 1: The Lost

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Figlio Perduto
Chapter 1- The Lost

Erika sat silently on the stage. Deftly, she laced up her ballet shoes for rehearsal. Her long brown hair was piled on top of her head. Heaving a sigh she blew a strand of hair from her face. As soon as she was satisfied with the tightness of her laces, Erika stood up and began to stretch her muscles. She found the flexibility was good for her two roles that she played.

Erika relaxed her muscles and began to move through the steps of the ballet she was in. Slowly she flowed across the stage showing off her skill and balance. Her eyes were shut as she moved, proving her mastery of the dance. As she began to spin, she felt a pair of hands touch her waist. Erika's blue eyes flew open as she gazed in to a pair of grey ones. Instantly she knew who the intruder was and smiled. Her whole body relaxed as she dropped out of a ballerina's stance.

"Professor," Erika greeted gently, "What brings you to Paris?"

"Business." James Moriarty smiled, "But I wanted to see you first."

"Really?" Erika teased as she wrapped her arms around his neck.

It had been a year since they first met. Twelve months since Erika's life changed drastically again, this time for the better. Now she was a rising prima in the opera world. Inspector Beth Lestrade and she talked on a daily basis -- granted, Lestrade never asked any questions about Moriarty and Erika never mentioned him. Instead, Erika smiled as Lestrade talked about Holmes and her recent caseload. Erika would try to give information when she could.

More importantly, Professor James Moriarty had decided to stay in her life. They were two of a kind. Erika was afraid he would force her to choose between her duty and her heart. Instead, he understood and worked towards a solution to their situation. Until then, they would visit each other when they got a chance, like now.

Moriarty kissed her gently as they stood on the stage. It was a risk, being in the open without a mask, but Nadir was buying him some time before the company showed up. It seemed like they never had enough time together. Moriarty pulled back and looked down at his angel.

"Really. Will you be home later?" Moriarty asked softly.

"Of course. You remember the way?" Erika smiled lightly.

Moriarty smiled, knowing that he put her in a light mood. "Naturally. I will try to be there by nine but I don't know what this mysterious man wants."

"What do you mean?" "Fenwick received a request just last week for a meeting with me. I don't know who I'm meeting with. The note was just signed C.S." Moriarty shrugged until he noted Erika's concerned look, "Don't worry about me. I can handle anything. After all, I am the Napoleon of Crime."

"I'll try not to."

"If you want," Moriarty compromised, knowing full well that she would worry, "Fenwick is in town with me. He will know where I am at all times. Contact him and he will tell you where I'm at."

"Thank you. I just worry when you put yourself in danger."

"I will be fine." Moriarty grinned as he stole a kiss from her. "I must go. Nadir won't be able to hold off the company for much longer. Until tonight?"

"Until tonight," Erika agreed as she watched him disappear into the shadows. Erika smiled as she went back to doing her warmups. Suddenly a cold feeling gripped her heart. It was the same feeling she had had the day her father was murdered. Something horrible was going to happen. Misery was coming around.

Holmes was standing in front of the fireplace, playing his newly returned violin. He missed the sound of a real violin. It was nice to hear "Ode to Joy" on the instrument it was meant to be played on. Sherlock smiled as he deftly played the beautiful music. He must thank Mademoiselle Noir for the wonderful gift next time she was in town visiting. Through the music he heard the door open to his flat.

Ah, Lestrade, Holmes thought to himself. She must be here for dinner.

Holmes finished up the chorus of the song before lowering his violin. He looked up at his guest to see that it was indeed the Inspector. She looked distinctly worried and nervous. Holmes frowned as he put down the violin.

"My dear Lestrade," Holmes began, "what is wrong?"

"There was a jailbreak from the Sussex County Prison," Lestrade informed him as she handed him the file. "All the fugitives were captured except one."

Holmes opened the folder and instantly knew the cause of her fear. "Culverton Smith is on the loose, it seems."

"That's not all. A biotech company was robbed earlier this morning. They were working some new nano-bot technology," Lestrade added. "Holmes, he may be out for revenge."

Holmes thought about that possibility before suggesting, "I doubt he would try anything immediately. But we should keep an eye on each other and be wary of any gifts from unknown senders. I will have Watson alert the Irregulars."

Lestrade nodded, looking more relieved. "I guess we can't do much else."

"We have to watch for his move."

Lestrade plopped herself into an armchair. "I guess so. Now what has Watson made for dinner? I'm starved."

Holmes's amused laughter danced through the flat and down Baker Street.

Erika was lightly dozing by the fire when the vid-phone began to beep. She jumped up alert for any intruder. Noticing the vid-phone, Erika sighed. She really needed to stop thinking that she was in constant danger, now the Count was locked up. Erika walked over to the vid-phone. Ayesha yeowed loudly from her spot on the piano. Erika didn't like the sound of it. Ayesha never made that noise unless it was bad news. Muttering a small prayer, Erika answered the vid-phone. Fenwick looked at her with a worried expression.

"Monsieur Fenwick," Erika greeted him -- with a little surprise, since the henchman barely acknowledged her when she visited Moriarty. "What a surprise."

"I know, Mademoiselle Noir. Has Moriarty been to your place?" Fenwick asked bluntly, "He called me three hours ago to say he was on his way to his second meeting. I assumed it was with you."

Erika glanced at a nearby clock. It was approaching midnight. She must have dozed off after she got home from practice. That cold feeling from earlier was creeping up on her. She turned back to Fenwick. Her blue eyes were carrying a worried look as she gazed at him. Fenwick knew the answer.

"I'm sorry, Monsieur. He isn't here. I must have dozed off. James would have stayed or at least woken me up. He has in the past," Erika informed Fenwick.

Fenwick nodded solemnly, "I told him not to go to that meeting. I'm going to check the meeting place and see if anyone has seen him."

"I'll check my security videos for any sign of him. Do you want me to come there?" Erika asked.

"No. I will come there. Where can you meet me?"

"There is a door in a wall on the Rue Scribe. Knock three times, I will open it for you. I'll be there in one hour," Erika explained urgently.

"I hope this is for naught, Mademoiselle," Fenwick said before he hung up.

Erika looked at the blank screen and whispered before going to her security room, "So do I."

Fenwick returned to the lair more concerned than ever. It seemed that Moriarty did leave the meeting place at the time he called. However, he didn't leave alone; a young man accompanied him. Fenwick furrowed his brow as he entered the hideout. Why would Moriarty call him, then, if he wasn't going to go and see Erika? Why not call Mademoiselle Noir as well? Moriarty was too much of a gentleman to stand her up.

There were too many unanswered questions. Fenwick checked the hideout for any sign of Moriarty's return. Satisfied that his boss hadn't returned, Fenwick began to prepare for his meeting with Mademoiselle Phantom.

Suddenly the hideout door opened. Fenwick turned to face a very angry and deranged-looking Moriarty. Fenwick paled at the sight of his boss in this state. Moriarty growled as he pinned his henchman with a glare. Fenwick realized something very important.

"You are not Professor James Moriarty," Fenwick commented, "Where is he?"

Moriarty just growled as he advanced on the poor henchman. Fenwick felt behind him for an ioniser. Soon a snarling Moriarty was face to face with him. Fenwick's finger brushed the gun. He quickly grabbed it as Moriarty reached for his neck. Fenwick fired a shot. Moriarty flew back as a restraining blast wrapped around Moriarty.

Fenwick rubbed his neck. He grabbed his things and was about to leave when he had a brilliant thought. Fenwick walked up to the intruder and scratched his arm, getting a DNA sample. He then ran out of the hideout. If what Moriarty told him about Mademoiselle Noir was true, she would have access to what he needed to identify this stranger.

Erika paced nervously by the door to to the Rue Scribe. She hoped Fenwick would arrive soon with news. She was so worried. Soon the three knocks sounded. Erika hurriedly opened the door. Fenwick fell into the passageway. He looked like he'd been on the wrong end of a street fight. Before she could ask him anything, an inhuman roar ripped through the Paris night. Erika looked into the street to see Moriarty stalking toward the door. He was different. Erika was about to call out to him when Fenwick grabbed her and pulled her into the passage way. He slammed the door shut.

"Can you boobytrap this hallway?" he asked urgently.

"Oui. Monsieur Fenwick, what is going on?" Erika asked as Fenwick pulled her away from the entrance.

"I wish I knew. Set them, mademoiselle," Fenwick ordered her. "Despite how it seems, that isn't the James Moriarty we know. I will explain once we reach your lair."

Erika nodded as they hurried down the passage. She stopped long enough to arm the alarm system. Soon they reached her home. Fenwick collapsed into a chair. His injuries were taking their toll. Erika grabbed a first aid kit and some of her medicines.

"What happened?" she quietly asked.

"I wish I knew. I returned to the lair to prepare for our meeting. Then he came home, except Moriarty seemed different -- like he was mad. He tried to strangle me but I escaped. I thought I lost him but he caught up with me. He began to beat on me. In the distance, I could hear a voice cheering him on. It was telling him that he must terminate anyone he told about their meeting, too. I knew we both were in danger. I managed to escape with some help from the Surete," Fenwick explained as Erika treated his wounds, "I was so sure that man was an impostor that I even got a skin sample to prove it."

"What to say he isn't?" Erika hoped.

"Easy. He seemed sane long enough to let me escape. He asked me to get you to safety," Fenwick told her.

Erika stood up and walked to check her monitors. Everything was clear. Erika set all her alarms. Someone was controlling James. They needed to help him. There was only one way. Erika knew Fenwick wasn't going to like it. James either, for that matter. Erika turned around and took a deep breath.

"I know you are not going to like this, Monsieur Fenwick, but I think we are going to need help," Erika suggested. "We are going to need Sherlock Holmes."

Lestrade and Holmes were getting ready to taste Watson's dessert when the phone began to beep. Holmes excused himself and walked over to it. He was shocked to see Fenwick on the other end. Lestrade stood in the door of the kitchen.

Fenwick's voice broke through their shock, "Monsieur Holmes, I have a problem. Moriarty has gone missing and I fear he has been brainwashed."

Sherlock thought for a moment before smiling. "How soon can you get to Baker Street?"

"Tomorrow morning," Fenwick answered immediately.

"Good. I will be expecting you," Holmes replied. "Good night, Fenwick."

Lestrade stepped forward, "Do you think it's a trap?"

Holmes shook his head. "I don't think so; but we shall see, come tomorrow morning."

Lestrade nodded as Sherlock escorted her back to the dinner table. Tomorrow was going to be an interesting day indeed.

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