Growing Pains

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Fenwick slumped in his chair, exhausted from the dayís events. Not for the first time, he questioned the wisdom of this plan of his. It was to be so simple, swap some DNA and make a clone. He has done it before several times with other animals, just never with humans. Now he realized why.

Other animals only needed a year to reach full maturation. Humans, on the other hand, need at least fourteen or more years. It was true that growth hormones would cut the time down, but it would still take about eight to ten years for the clone to be ready for what Fenwick wanted him for. What the zed was he thinking?

At least right now, Fenwick had a moment to breathe while the clone was taking a nap. Fenwick absently wondered if he ever gave his mother this much trouble. Fenwick closed his eyes and softly dozed off. He would need the rest.

Across the room a door softly creaked open. A small little boy about the age of four peeked out. His black hair was mussed up from his nap. His grey eyes gleamed curiosity and extreme intelligence. Cautiously he stepped out to see if his father was awake. The little boy sighed when he realized he wasnít. He could go exploring in the Underground, but last time he did Father flew off the handle. The clone looked around the hideout his eyes fell on to a stack of books.

Silently, the little boy crept over to the stack of books. Pushing a chair over, He climbed up and began to check the book titles. He began to sort the books into two piles: the ones that interested him and the ones that didnít. The one that didnít ended up on the floor. The book picked up a thick book and read the title The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. A dark scowl swept across his face at the mention of that fool. He threw the book to the ground. Fenwick snorted in his chair, causing the boy to duck down. When he noticed that he father wasnít awake, he glared at the book like it was its fault.

The boy noticed one book was left. Gingerly he picked it up and read the title: The Phantom of the Opera. The boy didnít know why but he slipped the book into the keep pile. He picked up the stack of books and made his way to his room. A few books dropped to the floor, causing Fenwick to wake up. Fenwick watched as the child disappeared into his room with the books.

Silently he got up and walked over to the door. The little boy was sprawled out on the bed trying to read Ray Bradburyís Martian Chronicles. Fenwick smiled as the child tried to sound out the words and string them into sentences. Even though he had all the memories of the original, he still needed to develop naturally. Fenwick sat on the bed by the child. The child looked at his father with an apology in his eyes.

"Iím sorry, Father. I didnít want to disturb you." The child apologized quickly.

Fenwick ruffled his sonís hair, "It is all right, James. I prefer you reading than running around with my equipment. Now why donít you read to me?"

The child smiled and began again with more energy. Fenwick smiled and helped him out as he went. These moments were what made it worth the trouble.

One year later-

Fenwick stalked through the Underground with a scowl on his face. Damn those Yardies, but at least Fenwick got away with the goods. Fenwick smiled as he thought of the credits he got. Even though it would go to pay for clothing and food, Fenwick felt good that he still had his edge even at his age.

Fenwick entered the hideout. James looked up from his seat. In front of him, the vid-player was running through world history of the 20th century. Fenwick placed the loot in one of the armchairs and began to count it. James smiled as he turned off the player and faced his face. He had just read a book he hated since childhood. One story in it concerned him.

"Father, am I a clone?" James asked.

Fenwick looked up from his counting and looked at the boy, "Where did that come from?"

"I just read a story called "The Final Problem". Am I a clone or just named after the main villain?" James persisted.

Fenwick swore mentally. He'd thought he'd burned that accursed book. Fenwick put the money down and walked over to the eight year old. He sat in the chair next to him, "Yes, you are a clone of that man. I created you a little over a year ago."

"Why?" James questioned.

Fenwick smiled. "You will become the greatest criminal mind for this new century. The criminal underworld lacks true leadership ever since your death at Reichenbach Falls. I made you to correct that problem."

"I am to be a slave?" James growled.

Fenwick smiled gently; he liked his sonís spirit. Fenwick shook his head, "Never. Despite what the Yardies think, Iím not into slavery. You will choose your path when its time. Now do you want to see the haul I got away with?"

James gave a small cheer as he jumped from his chair. Fenwick stood up and together the two counted the credits.

A year later-

James quietly snuck down the tunnel to his home. He looked over his shoulder every so often to be sure he wasnít followed. A smile crept across his lips. That computer company needed to install a better security system. A twelve-year-old could easily bypass it. James laughed, in fact a twelve-year-old just did. He opened the door to the hideout and came face to face with his creator/ father. Fenwick looked ready to kill as he glared at his son. He had a heart attack when he returned home for a meeting on body smuggling to find his son gone. James shrank a little under such a heated gaze.

"Hello, Father." James tried to smile.

Fenwick growled, "Donít Ďhello, Fatherí me, young man. Where were you?"

James flinched at his tone. "I went upside to pick up some parts for the computer."

"Really?" Are you supposed to go upside alone?"


"Why not?"

"Because I can be harmed since Iím still a child."

"Excellent. At least you hear me when I tell you something. Now you need to learn how to follow my orders until you are old enough to fend for yourself."

"Iím sorry, father, but I really needed to get the computer working at optimal condition. The National Bank of Englandís system is too fast for me to break into." James explained.

"What are you up to now?"

"Well, I figured instead of risking capture by physically breaking in, I thought we could do it electronically through legal-looking transfers and information theft," James answered softly.

Fenwick smiled. The boy was learning quickly. Fenwick sighed. "Show me what you mean."

James smiled brightly as he bounded over to the computer with the parts he had. Fenwick watched the preteen work quickly. Fenwick asked one more question before James got started. "Where did you get these parts?"

"I stole them from the factory."

Fenwick didnít say a word but smiled proudly.

Two years later-

James Moriarty looked out the window of the hovercraft. They had just seen his frozen body. James looked at his face in the mirror of the car. True, he was only twenty years old now. His black hair was cut in a short style. Along the side he was beginning to grow muttonchops and a goatee. In a few years he will look like that. James smiled softly to himself. He would surpass what he had done in the past and stand on his own in this new world.

Fenwick glanced at his son as they flew towards Milan, Italy. One of the medical universities was housing some new technology that a few companies would kill for. They could make a fortune if they could get their hands on it. He would need his son in top form if they were going to pull it off.

"Are you ready, James?" Fenwick asked.

James looked at his father and smiled brightly, "As ever. Donít worry, Father, nothing will go wrong. After all I planned it."

Fenwick chuckled at his sonís confidence in the plan. True, the boy was proving he was more than what Dr. Watson described and Fenwick couldnít be more proud of him. Soon they reached the University of Milan. James was to infiltrate the security system while Fenwick would actually steal the technology. The two broke away from each other. James quickly made his way to the computer labs with the help of a few students. Sitting at an empty computer off by itself, he began to hack into the system. After a half an hour, he heard Fenwick give the all clear. Quickly, James worked to bring the security system back online. Satisfied, he logged out of the computer and moved to the door of the lab when he was delayed by a blonde female student.

"Pardone, signor. But my friend over there thinks you are cute." The girl smiled -- what she thought was charming.

Moriarty had to break away from the girl without drawing attention to himself. He looked around for an out when someone came to his rescue.

"There you are," a melodious voice called out. James turned to see a brunette in a white lab coat walking towards him. A smile touched her face. The blonde frowned at the intruder. The brunette looked right at James as she spoke, "I was waiting in the chemistry lab for you. You didnít forget about our project, did you?"

James decided to play along, "Iím sorry."

The brownhaired girl huffed, "Well, Iím not going to fail Organic because you are forgetful. Sorry, Isabella, but I have to steal Romeo."

The blonde sighed regretfully, "I understand Erika. Good luck. Ciao, Romeo."

"Ciao," James said as the brunette dragged him away. As soon as they were far away, Erika let go of him. She just walked next to him. James cleared his throat, "Thank you."

Erika smiled, "No problem, monsieur. You looked like you needed help. Now I have to hurry to my next class. Ciao."

Erika walked quickly down a hallway. James watched her go before Fenwick shouted in his ear to move along. James raced from his place to their meeting place. When he reached the car, Fenwick smacked him upside the head. James rubbed his head.

"What was that for?" James shouted.

"For being late. You need to get out of there immediately," Fenwick reminded him.

"I was delayed by some girl. I tried to get away as fast as I could. I couldnít be rude."

"Just get in the car, before we are spotted." Fenwick growled as he started the hover car. James jumped in. Fenwick glanced at his brooding son and asked, "Any of the fillies cute?"

"Father!" James blushed. Fenwick laughed at his sonís reaction. James joined his father as they flew off. The brunette girl was fading from his mind.

Two more years later-

Fenwick crawled from the crashed car. He could hear the Yardie coming. Glancing over his shoulder he could see his son starting the hovercar. His son needed to get away. Fenwick stood up and watched the Yardie begin to land her car.

"Go, master. I will distract her." Fenwick shouted as he ran away.

James looked up from his seat. What was Fenwick doing? If he was caught, they would brainwash him. James realized he was protecting James from capture. James returned to his task of getting the damn car airborne. Fenwick tried to run into the park, causing the Yardie to leave her vehicle. Soon the hovercar kicked over. James revved the engine and flipped the car into the air. He flung a cocky smile at the young female Yardie before flying away.

"Moriarty," Lestrade stammered in shock.

Fenwick smiled proudly at the fear in her voice and his son. He was glad that he had given Moriarty the shot that would neutralize the growth hormones. Now he would age as a normal human and cause more chaos in this world for a long period of time. The smile turned ominous as he turned to the unsuspecting Yardie, saying, "My master -- and your worst nightmare."

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