Guy Stuff

by Angel (aisumitsukai at

Short ficlet, inspired by Maureen's plot ideas :) It's kind of odd, and the format's unusual for me, but I think it worked out all right....

Scene: 221b Baker St., the living room.

Holmes: -sitting cross-legged in armchair, looking extremely bored- Watson....

Watson: -sitting on couch, looking bored- Holmes....

Holmes: This is ridiculous.

Watson: Indeed.

Holmes: I suppose any other male on the planet would take this opportunity to talk about...Ďguy thingsí, I believe is the term.

Watson: Oh, most likely. -struck by sudden Alicia-induced-idea- Especially when they have such... interesting... superior officers.

Holmes: -narrows eyes- What exactly are you implying?

Watson: Imply? Me? Never! Though come to think of it, I believe Deidre mentioned something about romantic implications yesterday....

Holmes: Iím utterly disgusted.

Watson: Why? I just visited the mechanics. I shouldnít smell like sewage anymore.

-both pause, trying to forget random trip through New London sewers in Lestradeís new 'submersible' cruiser-

Holmes: I didnít mean that. Though you do look, and smell, much better now.

Watson: I should hope so! They had me sitting under that rinse for forty-five minutes! I think I lost some polish.

Holmes: -tsks- How horrid.

Watson: Quite so, old boy! However, there was quite a pretty metermaid....

Holmes: From one personal humiliation to the next....

Watson: Pardon me, Holmes?

Holmes: Oh, nothing, nothing....

Watson: Ah.





Lestrade: -stomps out of kitchen in true Lestrade fashion- Oh, you guys are hopeless! That was the most pathetic attempt at male bonding Iíve ever heard!

Holmes: Well, my dear, we did try. Can we go out for tea now?

Lestrade: -huffs and scowls, once again in true Lestrade fashion- Fine, but Iím not paying.

Holmes: But you lost the poker game!

Lestrade: And you two lost the other one!

Watson: Here, Iíll pay.


Holmes and Lestrade: Absolutely not. She/Heís paying!


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