Heights, Anyone?

by Meleisah (froggirl110 at yahoo.com)

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Ok, this might have to be posted in 2 posts but oh, well. Wouldn't it be funny if Lestrade had a weakness? And now....

Holmes & Lestrade moved quietly along the outside edge of an abandoned warehouse. They were hopeing to capture Moriarty this time with a suprise attack. They slowly moved toward the door and Holmes slowly opened it. Inside, the warehouse was completly dark and there was no sign of life from within. Lestrade pulled out her flashlight and looked around.

"There's nobody here," she said, breaking the silence.

"Don't be so sure, Lestrade." Holmes replied pointing up to the catwalk.

Sure enough there was somebody up there. The only problem though was, the only way to get up there was to climb a chain. Holmes went first and scrambled up fast. Lestrade went after him, made it a fourth of the way up, and and completely froze.

"Lestrade, what's wrong?" Holmes asked from the top of the chain.

"Um...Holmes? Promise you won't tell anyone?" she said shakily.

Holmes gave her a confuzzled look. "I promise."

"I'm afraid of heights!" she blurted.

Holmes looked down to her. "It's nothing to be ashamed of. Now just don't look down and concentrate."

Lestrade felt braver and continued up slowly. The whole time, Holmes was yelling encouragements down to her, such as: "Keep going, Lestrade." & "You're doing well, Lestrade." She made it a little more that halfway up, when her hand slipped and she lost her foothold. She was hanging on with one hand.

"Lestrade!" Holmes yelled. "Hold on!" He quickly slid back down the chain to her & grabbed her hand. She smiled and muttered a thanks.

"Here, climb on my back, Lestrade, and we'll get up there faster," Holmes said.

"No!" she half-yelled. "I want to do this on my own."

Holmes sighed and scampered back up. Lestrade followed, only more slowly because she was afraid of slipping again. She finally made it up to the top five minutes later. Holmes smiled and offered her a hand over the railing. This time she accepted.

"Remember, not a word about this to anyone," she said to Holmes.

Holmes chuckled "I promised I wouldn't and I'm a man of my word." Then they took off after their mystery man.

So what do you think? I'll get the 2nd part of my other story up soon and I have another songfic in the works. Thanks.

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