Someone Missing

Part 1

by Jen (dragonriderjenner at

ALL RIGHT! I am officially dumping my old story into the garbage bin! I will be incorporating some of the general themes into this new story, though. I've finally gotten around to writing it. I'm so happy.

OK! None of the characters from SH22 belong to me. So...yeah.

Oh, and if something doesn't make sense that I don't explain in a later part, then just e-mail me and I'll do something about it. Yeah! So!

Chapter 1!: In which the story is begun

There was nothing stopping me any longer. I had completely shut down the entire security system. I had knocked out all the guards. I had full access to the room below me. No one would even dare suspect me with the thorough work that I had done in preparation for this moment.

So then, why was I hesitating?

Could it be that I was finally becoming tired of stealing priceless trinkets?

Could it be that I had forgotten some aspect, some approach?

Could it be that someone knew that I was here? Knew what I was doing?

Could it be that I was being watched....?


No one had ever caught me.

No one had ever suspected me.



I would not hesitate any longer.

I slipped in through the neat hole in the glass ceiling, being mindful of my clothes. I slipped out barely a minute later, a precious trinket tucked safely into the folds of my clothing. And then I was gone, becoming part of the darkness that was the city of Paris.

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