Two Drabbles

by Jordanna (librarie at

General Disclaimer

Here are the drabbles I mentioned, exactly 100 words each (not including the titles). Maureen, you're welcome to archive them, if you actually want them. *g*

The first is fairly straightforward, but there's an in-joke to the second. I'll explain if no one can guess who Mr. Adams is.

Choice of Words

Sherlock Holmes scowled at Beth Lestrade from the driver's seat of her cruiser. They had just left the questioning of witnesses at a crime scene--which left Lestrade in such intense hysterics, he had insisted on driving. Not one of his better skills.

He was so flustered, he was having trouble concentrating on that task, much less their case.

"The look on his face!" Lestrade gasped, wiping away tears.

"In two hundred years, there have been the most confounded changes to the English language," Holmes sighed. "That is assuredly the last time I will refer to a subject as queer."

Cat and Dog

Sherlock Holmes steepled his fingertips and stared up at the ceiling. He had already deduced that the man in front of him was an artist of some sort, formerly an engineer, and was vegetarian. He was now awaiting the details of the man's dilemma.

"So, Mister Adams, your dog is missing?"

Adams nodded. "And my cat, too."

"Er, yes...." Holmes paused dubiously. "And what are the particulars of these animals?"

Adams leaned forward conspiratorially and whispered, "They're plotting to take over the world."

Closing his eyes, Holmes let out a long-suffering sigh. How do the odd ones always find me?

Editor's Note: Dogbert and Catbert belong to Dilbert, and Dilbert belongs to Scott Adams.


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