What's the Sitch?

Part 1

by Yvonne Stevens (karoke_superstar2002 at yahoo.com)

Author's Disclaimer: I do not own any Kim Possible or Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century characters; the people who made them do. J.K. Rowling also owns Harry Potter and Co.

Chapter One:
Kim Possible Goes to New Scotland Yard and Gets Two Partners


"What?" asked Inspector Beth Lestrade.

"Moriarty has joined forces with a Dr. Drakken fellow," said Chief Inspector Grayson for about the thousandth time. "Donít worry, though," he added, "Iíve hired a specialist on Drakken to help you two out."

Grayson handed them a paper that had a picture of a redheaded teenager, with information on her on it.

"A teenager," Lestrade finally said in disbelief.

"An American teenager to be exact, Lestrade," Sherlock Holmes replied.

Lestrade gave Holmes a look that plainly said Ďyouíre not helping.í

"This girl is going to help us stop Moriarty and Drakken." Lestrade still couldnít believe it.

"Yes," said Grayson.

"Whatís her name again?" Holmes asked.


Beep beep beep beep!

"Hey, Wade, so whatís the sitch?" Kim Possible said to the ten-year-old boy on the screen of her Kimmunicator.

"Kim, Dr. Drakken has just joined forces with Professor James Moriarty," Wade told Kim.

"Whoís he?" asked Ron Stoppable.

"Heís the clone of Professor James Moriarty who died in the late 19th Century, whoís bent on world domination," Wade told Kim and Ron.

"And...." asked Kim, trailing off.

"New Scotland Yard wants your help in stopping Drakken," Wade said.

"Letís go, Ron," Kim said, grabbing her bag.


"Thanks for the ride, Harry," said Kim, while getting off his broom with Ron at New Scotland Yard headquarters.

"Well, itís the least I could do after you saved the Quidditch World Cup last season," Harry Potter told her.

"It was just a rogue Bludger, no big," Kim said.

After Harry left, Kim, and Ron went inside to talk to Lestrade, Holmes and Grayson.

When they found Graysonís office, Kim said, "Chief Inspector Grayson, whatís the sitch?"

Grayson said, "Miss Possible, Mr. Stoppable, Iíd like to introduce you to Sherlock Holmes, and Inspector Elizabeth Lestrade." He gestured to Holmes and Lestrade. "Holmes, Lestrade, this is Kim Possible and Ron Stoppable," he added.

After Kim and Ron told Holmes, Lestrade, and Grayson everything they knew about Dr. Drakken, and his assistant, Shego, they went to Holmesís flat at 221 B Baker Street with Holmes and Lestrade. After introducing them to Watson, Lestrade decided that it was time to discuss where Kim and Ron were going to be sleeping.

"How about Kim staying with you, Lestrade, and Ron staying here?" Holmes suggested.

Lestrade, Kim, and Ron thought about it for a minute then said, "Okay."

"What about Rufus?" asked Ron.

"Whoís Rufus?" asked Watson.

Ron pulled Rufus, his naked mole rat, out of his pocket. "This is Rufus," replied Ron.

"What is he?" asked Lestrade.

"A naked mole rat," Kim told her.

"Iím sorry I asked," Lestrade said.

"Can Rufus stay here, too, Holmes?" asked Ron.

"Sure," said Holmes.

"Thank you," said Ron, "Rufus wonít be any trouble. Heíll stay in my pocket."

Ron put Rufus into his pocket.


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