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-gasp- need... fanfiction... so I have an (evil) scheme!

Posted by Angel on 1/1/2003, 8:43 pm

*is dying of fanfiction dehydration*
Erm, so I'm starting one of those stories where everyone contributes one sentence at a time. Maybe it'll get some creative juices flowing.
(mine included -.-[come back muses!])

*clears throat*

It was a dark but unstormy night in New London.

Please continue!


Posted by Annie Magee on 1/1/2003, 10:30 pm, in reply to "-gasp- need... fanfiction... so I have an (evil) scheme!"

Sherlock Holmes sat comfortably in his overstuffed armchair at his Baker Street apartment.

*Sweatdrops* I think that may have been two sentences. Oh well. Continue....

Annie Magee
Posted by Angel on 1/1/2003, 11:10 pm

Yay! Someone added!^_^

The Irregulars were arguing over, well, he wasn't honestly sure what; it had started as what colour Deidre should dye her hair.

Posted by Joanne on 1/2/2003, 9:35 am

Just then Watson came in carrying a tray of cookies, hoping it would distract the Irregulars from their argument.

Sorry, but it was the only thing I could think of.

Cool idea, though. ^_^
Posted by Racheal on 1/2/2003, 11:54 am

After all it was best to stop it before friendship ended over someone dyeing their hair white.
Posted by Angel on 1/2/2003, 1:35 pm

Heh, forgot to write something....

The Irregulars jumped on the cookies as if they hadn't eaten in days... after all, that banana bread loaf HAD been finished an hour ago.
Posted by Meleisah on 1/2/2003, 2:24 pm

Holmes, looking slightly amused, finally said...

(Sombody think of what he should say, because I think that would be considered 2 lines)
Posted by poptate12 on 1/2/2003, 3:23 pm

But was suddenly cut of by the sound of the doorbell. He changed his mind about what he was saying and, deciding the others were busy, answered the door...

*^_^* sorry, but it's more like a paragraph...
Posted by Angel on 1/2/2003, 6:01 pm

Standing fuming in the doorway was Inspector Lestrade, wearing a muu-muu.

For all those who don't know, a muu-muu is a long, flowing dress from Hawaii. I like the word. ^_~
Posted by Mary on 1/2/2003, 9:35 pm

"I am going to kill them..." she growled.
Posted by Racheal on 1/3/2003, 12:21 pm

It was obvious she was not mentally all there. Who would believe she's sane when she's smoking a banana?
Posted by Joanne on 1/3/2003, 12:31 pm

Lestrade entered, while Holmes kept staring, trying to resist the urge to laugh.

The sentence by sentence fanfic continued...

Posted by Jenny on 1/2/2003, 10:32 pm

Sorry, thought we needed a new post: the other was really long. (I'm gonna add a small paragraph... sorry if there is any objections)

Holmes raised an eyebrow. "Interesting costume, Lestrade."

Lestrade glared back. "Don't even start! You have no idea what I've been through today! It all started with -"

Holmes interrupted her: "Hold on, give me a sporting chance to figure out what happened. I'm keen to guess."

"Fine," Lestrade answered, not really surprised. "But let me give you one hint."

"If you think it is necessary."

"Oh, but it is, Holmes. It has something to do with your father."

Once again, sorry about the paragraph, but I couldn't help myself. I'm feeling really refreshed. Whoever thought of this idea, thank you!
Posted by Angel on 1/3/2003, 1:41 am, in reply to "The sentence by sentence fanfic continued..."

You're welcome!

"My who?" This was, admittedly, not the most intelligent thing he'd ever said.

Posted by Joanne on 1/3/2003, 12:36 pm

Lestrade smirked. Finally, for once she actually surprised the "Great Detective".

Sorry, I added to the other post before I noticed we started a new one.
Posted by Angel on 1/3/2003, 4:15 pm

"Yeah, well... yeah." And then he actually blushed.
Posted by Jenny on 1/3/2003, 7:27 pm

By this point, the Irregulars had listened to the whole conversation, and were now smiling at Holmes and Lestrade.
Posted by Mary on 1/3/2003, 7:29 pm

Lestrade turned her triumphant smirk into a glare as she glanced over at them.
Posted by Jenny on 1/3/2003, 9:45 pm

"Holmes," she added, still glaring at the Irregulars, "I think we should go somewhere else and discuss this."
Posted by Mary on 1/4/2003, 12:24 am

Deidre stood up huffily, muttering, "Fine, be that way then."
Posted by Annie Magee on 1/4/2003, 3:37 pm

And with that, The Irregulars left, with Deidre slamming the door behind her, hard.
Posted by Jenny on 1/4/2003, 4:50 pm

"Anyway, Holmes," Lestrade continued, "Do you still want to figure it out or do you prefer I tell you?"
Posted by Mary on 1/4/2003, 5:41 pm

Holmes smiled, one eyebrow still raised in the air.
Posted by Joanne on 1/4/2003, 8:47 pm

"For once, I'll let you have the pleasure of telling me, Lestrade."
Posted by Mary on 1/5/2003, 9:16 am

Lestrade sighed and, tugging at the muu-muu, began her tale of woe.

"Sentence by sentence fanfic continued again..."

Posted by angel on 1/5/2003, 12:13 pm

Right-o, cause the second thread was getting a bit long, I started another one.

"Well, see, Holmes, a couple days ago we got this message from the big wigs at the Yard.
Posted by Mary on 1/5/2003, 12:15 pm

"It seemed that there had been some strange activity going on at SpaceTime Labs and wanted a few of us to go check it out."
Posted by Annie Magee on 1/5/2003, 12:57 pm

"Oh, is that so?" said Sherlock Holmes, with his eyebrows raised.
Posted by Joanne on 1/5/2003, 1:25 pm

Lestrade nodded. "So since I wasn't working on a case at the moment, Greyson sent me and the new rookie John Gillman to go check it out.
Posted by Angel on 1/6/2003, 10:57 pm

"Turns out it was an undercover job; they had a themed party going on..."
Posted by Mary on 1/8/2003, 6:43 pm

"Of course that wasn't the bad part...
Posted by Angel on 1/8/2003, 9:15 pm

"The bad part was the new nuclear weapons they were selling to a Prof. J. Mor... timer...
Posted by Mary on 1/8/2003, 10:39 pm

"Of course, you know that nuclear weapons were outlawed ten years ago, so that was much cause for distress...
Posted by Angel on 1/9/2003, 10:52 pm

"Gillman had this 'great' plan...
Posted by Joanne on 1/10/2003, 3:07 pm

"He thought he could just jump in, grab the Professor, and make an arrest right on the spot! *sigh* Rookies...."
Posted by Mary on 1/11/2003, 11:53 pm

At this point, Lestrade paused to straighten the muu-muu which had begun to slide down her shoulders.
Posted by Emmi on 1/12/2003, 12:58 am

Trying hard to keep from laughing, Holmes turned away to 'make sure the Irregulars weren't listening at the door.'

Sure enough...
Posted by angel on 1/12/2003, 1:00 am

Deidre was standing on the other side of the door, her ear pressed against it.
Posted by Mary on 1/12/2003, 1:00 am

Deidre fell through the kitchen door at that moment, and glared back at her two companions who were trying their best (which wasn't much at all) to keep from laughing.
Posted by Mary on 1/12/2003, 1:58 am

Lestrade muttered and threw up her hands.
Posted by Em on 1/12/2003, 11:33 am

"Can't you get rid of them, Holmes, even for half an hour?"
Posted by Jen on 1/13/2003, 1:38 am

"Hm. Perhaps if we shipped the lot of them off to Japan..." he replied, jokingly.
Posted by Joanne on 1/13/2003, 5:41 pm

"We heard that!" the Irregulars cried together.

Thought it was time to start another thread. ^_~
Posted by Jenny on 1/14/2003, 10:12 pm, in reply to "Sentence by sentence continued again, again....."

"Anyway," Lestrade continued, after making sure the Irregulars had moved into another room...
Posted by Mary on 1/15/2003, 10:21 pm, in reply to "Re: Sentence by sentence continued again, again....."

"...I decided that I didn't really need Gillman's help so..."

I've Decided To Revive The Line-by-Line Thingy!!

Posted by Mary on 5/20/2004, 6:17 pm And here's my newest contribution...

"...I told him something about him being needed most as a decoy, and sent him around back to cause a distraction..."
Posted by Alicia on 5/22/2004, 7:37 pm, in reply to "I've Decided To Revive The Line-by-Line thingy!!" -dances- I remember this! (I feel so *old*)

"Only to find Moriarty, or, currently, Mortimer, trying to hightail it on a fancy-shmancy stolen hover-limo!..."
Posted by Mary on 5/25/2004, 5:12 pm

She stopped speaking when she heard the strangest sound coming from Holmes....
Posted by Alicia on 5/25/2004, 11:21 pm

Lestrade glared at him. "What now?"
Posted by Mary on 5/26/2004, 4:31 pm

Holmes however, had apparently fallen asleeep...
Posted by Alicia on 5/26/2004, 7:23 pm

"HEY! HEY HOLMES! Jerk! Wake up! Honestly. Geeze, Watson... how do you live with this guy?" Lestrade glared at Holmes.

Line by line (cont from below)

Posted by Mary on 5/26/2004, 7:44 pm

Holmes cracked one eye open, and promptly closed it again.
Posted by Alicia on 5/26/2004, 9:28 pm

Lestrade gaped. "HOLMES!"

Watson wished her good luck and went out for a walk.
Posted by Mary on 5/27/2004, 3:39 pm

Holmes sighed and opened both his eyes. "Really, Lestrade, I should have thought that by now you'd know the way I operate."
Posted by Alicia on 5/29/2004, 9:06 pm

Lestrade blinked, trying to ignore the blush she could feel rising. "Oh.. yeah... Sorry."

(I just completely blanked out on the storyline... I'll get back to you on that O.o)


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