Part 1

by Meleisah (froggirl110 at yahoo.com)

Okay, this is my first regular fic, so if it sucks, let me know. For now it is untitled. Any name suggestions would be nice; just e-mail me with them. Anyway, on with the fic....

"Where am I?" Holmes thought out loud. Despite knowing New London like the back of his hand, this place was unfamiliar to him. He continued out loud, "I remember walking home from New Scotland Yard, when suddenly I was attacked out of nowhere. Next I end up here. No doubt this is all connected to Moriarty."

So he wasn't surprised when Moriarty walked in. "Ah, Holmes, how nice of you to join us!" he bellowed as he walked in with Fenwick not far behind him. "You are probably wondering where you are?"

"That would be nice to know, Moriarty," Holmes replied coolly.

"Welcome to my newest creation!" Fenwick pulled in a machine with many wires sticking out of it, and started to hook them up to Holmes. "This machine," Moriarty continued, "uses your memories against you and will eventually destroy you!" He gave an evil laugh.

"Just one question?" asked Holmes, "What do you call it?"

"My dear Holmes," he sneered, "I call it the Anti-Memory Ray!"

I'll get part 2 up as soon as I write it. Sorry if anything is spelled wrong. I am having a hard time typing. And btw, 20 points goes to whoever can guess where I got the idea from.

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