In the Name of Love

Part 1

by Brittney

General Disclaimer

OK, OK. I admit it. My last 'punk' fanfic wasn't exactly good. it was sort of disturbing, in a way. So i'm starting a whole new fanfic that hopefully isn't as bad. please still R&R!! I value your feedback back more than you think!! Oh, and please ignore any spelling mistakes. I'm the worst speller ever! (Oh, and if any lines look familiar, it's because i'm cheap.)

Lestrade's face appeared suddenly on Holmes' vid-phone. "Holmes, we have a case. Come right over. I'm sending the address to you as we speak."

"Hello to you, too, Lestrade. How are you today?" Holmes answered, pretending like Lestrade had just called him with a formal 'hi'.

"Cut the chit-chat, Holmes. This is urgent! The Jewelry Is Me store has just been robbed, and there is no clue whatsoever!"

Holmes lifted an eyebrow at his supervising officer. "There are always clues, Lestrade. Some not as obvious as others, but clues all the same."

"Not in this case, there's not! Not even a DNA trace! How the heck did he fool the DNA scans?? We are dealing with a master criminal here, Holmes."

"There are ways to fool DNA scans. Remember Dr. Blessington's peculiar device? And Fenwick's suit made of that special material in the Musgrave case? DNA is not as reliable as you think, Lestrade."

Lestrade sighed. "Okay, fine, he could fool the DNA scans. But there still isn't any other clue out there. Just come by and take a look, will you?"

Holmes smiled and took a breif look at the address he had finally received. "I'm on my way." Holmes presed a small button, and the screen went blank. Holmes called over his shoulder to Watson. "Watson, do you think you could give me a ride downtown to this jewelry store?"

Watson came in with baking soda in his hand. "I'd be delighted to, Holmes!"

"Thank you, Watson." Holmes grabbed his deerstalker and Inverness from the rack by the door and swiftly walked out of the house. During the whole ride there, though, he seemed distracted. Holmes only gave a simple 'Mmm' in response to any of Watson's sayings, and had a faraway look in his eye. He definitely was deep in thought. "What the devil could he be thinking?" Watson wondered to himself.

When Holmes was exiting the hover car, Watson heard him mumble, "What if she finds out? Do I tell her?" Utterly confused (used as he was to Holmes' strange ways) Watson drove away, trying to figure out Holmes' sudden strange behavior.

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