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Joy Parker (not to be confused with Joy*Starr) mailed in parte VI of her sword-and-sandal-Sherlock serial, "The Case of the Strange Etruscan Vase". Holmes and Lestrade give some help, get some help, and prepare to make trouble.

Back in March, Sigerson posted "Happy Pie Day". Tennyson keeps trying to tell people it's a holiday.

Here's parts 1 through 4 of Mary's crossover serial, "Sherlock Holmes and the Incredible Hulk".

Our Heroes battle Mary's muses in "Bargaining", and Mary's muses write about Our Heroes in "Eavesdropping".

Daibhid Ceannaideach has posted 4 out of 5 parts of his serial, "The Canary Maker". She was only a bird in a gilded cage....

Meitantei Kudo KID posted the beginning of a new crossover serial, "KIDnapped". Usually, it's the Kaitou Kid who puzzles detectives and slips away at will. But now it's the Kid's turn to be mystified....

Victorian_beauty221 posted "Dream" back in March. "Whenever I want you, all I have to do is dream." Complete in one part.

Here at last are parts 1 through 3 of Jen's new/old serial, "House Guest". What in the world is Deidre up to, and just how bad a mood can Lestrade be in?

I've also put up parts 1 through 23 of Brittney's serial, "British Baker Street Babysitters". Holmes adds something new to his resume.

I've webbed up parts 17 through 28 of the current messageboard round robin, "An Annoying Fan Writer in New London". A mysterious presence hates fanwriters. And now they're showing up dead...and in New London. What is going on?

I finally webbed part 4 of Casey's serial "The Little Mermaid (SH22-Style)".

I also procrastinated badly with Alicia's story I've called "Moonlight Stroll". Complete in one part. Wiggins walks home one night, and finds the experience illuminating.

Here too are the first three parts of Brittney's practice fanfic, a little something I call "Pretty in Punk", and her complete story, "Behind the Scenes", in which Watson demonstrates he's not so harmless after all.

Until now, I'd forgotten to post parts F through R of "Truth or Dare II". Which is a sequel to the "Truth or Dare" round robin.

I also forgot to post Brittney's May round robin starter, "Shrink". Feel free to join in!

TT emailed me the first part of a new serial, "The Curious Case of the Gorgon's Head". Just a simple shopping trip. Just a simple look into a robot world. Sorry it took me so long to web it!

The famous line-by-line fic has been completely updated to the present and reformatted for clarity. So...what's all this have to do with Holmes' father, anyway?

Alicia has been writing an untitled fic set in France. Chapters 1 through 6 are now up. Holmes, Lestrade and Watson are going to a teambuilding workshop, and Lestrade's already had her luggage lost! Better not ask what more could go wrong....

New writer Brittney has finished her first story, "In the Name of Love". Holmes is acting strangely. Why?

TT finishes with part 17 of her serial "The Eighth Guest", sequel to "The Singular Affair of the Second Moriarty" and "The Fall of the Phoenix".
When last seen, our Tessa was in dire trouble. Will Holmes and her fiance Peter Ling find her in time?

Trynia made her debut this week with her continuing serial "A Study in Solar". Finally, Holmes really does need to learn astronomy for a case. Also, she posted the complete H/L vignette, "Alone at Last".

Casey posted part 3 of "The Little Mermaid (SH22-Style)" and part 8 of "A Hot Day in New London". In both, Beth and her old friend Josh are busy making tracks and getting into trouble!

Alicia posted several untitled H/L vignettes. I call them "Not What She Appears", "Milk, No Sugar" and its wonderful Wiggins-POV sequel, "My Family", as well as "View from the Top", a Greyson POV.

Jordanna Morgan long ago posted the entirety of her story "Resolutions". It's New Year's, and Beth has a small favor to ask of Holmes. (And accept my apologies, Jordanna, for not webbing this sooner. I forgot I had it....)

Annie Magee's up to chapter 11 of "A Hard Look into the Future", her SH22/Les Miserables crossover. Inspector Javert is one tough old bird even when sent into the future. Just one more chapter to go! Really!

Complete in one part, Mary's new story, "Jumping to Conclusions". You've got to wait for all the facts....

Complete in one part, Krystal's The Playful Fog. A young woman has a strange Halloween encounter.

Complete in one part, Casey's "The Irregulars' Christmas Caroling". Holmes and Watson hear some very sick people. ;)

The final four parts of Myshawolf's sequel to "Masquerade", "Figlio Perduto". When Moriarty is in trouble, who ya gonna call? Erika and Fenwick consult Sherlock Holmes!

It's part 2 of Mike C's new serial, "The Werewolf"! Canids and cliffhangers galore!

I finally realized I hadn't yet webbed up chapter 12, chapter 13, chapter 14, or the epilogue to Myshawolf's exciting Phantom of the Opera crossover, "Masquerade". The strongest love -- the fiercest hate -- now this old stage will show their fate!

Myshawolf has put up the first five parts of her sequel to "Masquerade", "Figlio Perduto". When Moriarty is kidnapped, who ya gonna call? Erika and Fenwick consult Sherlock Holmes!

I've caught up with the latest four chapters of Jaka Ray's "Ruby Roo Reats Rarerock Roams", the third part of her "Bedbugs and Broomsticks" comedic saga.

Mary posted a brief story complete in one part, "Waiting".

Meleisah posted part 2 of her untitled story and a story complete in one part called "Actions and Consequences". Holmes pokes his nose where it doesn't belong.

I forgot to put up part four of Jen's "Missing Someone". Doh!

Casey posted a response to my Watson Challenge, "Blasted Metal".

Meleisah sent us a story, complete in one part, called "Heights, Anyone?

Back in August, Brink sent us part one of a story entitled "Sherlock Holmes and the Super Virus".

Casey sent us "The Key to the Mystery".

Myshawolf wrote "Growing Pains", a prequel to "Masquerade".

After a year's hiatus, Jen decided to start a couple of new stories. Both were untitled and are unfinished. I'm calling the first one "Missing Someone", and Jen sent us three parts. The second one, in two parts, I'm calling "Kidnapped". More soon, Jen?

I've also webbed up Jaka Ray's H/L "The Two Rings"; and all the parts of the serial "Bedbugs and Broomsticks", "dRuNkEn VaMpIrEs", and "Rooby Roo Reats Rarerock Roams" that exist thus far.

Yes, as previously seen on, it's Neoholmesz' story "The Christmas Wish". What does Holmes really want for Christmas?

Racheal posted her starter for a CSI crossover.

Annabelle Prachett posted her SH22 chapter of a round robin her class wrote, "SH22 Meets LOTR".

Ethel posted the "Top Ten Reasons Holmes Never Got Married".

Alicia posted the first chapter of "Les Works", in which Lestrade struggles with boredom and bad French, and the vignette "Guy Stuff".

Krystal posted part 1 of her story "Bored".

Mary posted part 1 of "The Legend of Holmes: the Wind Waker". She also posted the prologue and part 1 of her untitled Rurouni Kenshin crossover.

Poptate12 posted part 4 and part 5 of "A Relative Close By". Pride goeth before Sherlock Holmes. ;)

Meanwhile, over on, Yvonne Stevens and 'baby' have a SH22/Diagnosis Murder crossover called "A Study in Diagnosis Murder. The mind boggles!

Yvonne Stevens emailed part 1 of "What's the Sitch?", a Kim Possible crossover. When Moriarty is joined by the evil Drakken, Scotland Yard calls in an American consultant....

Stacey emailed me part 9 of "A Visit to New London", her Power Rangers crossover. Of course Billy would invent his way to New London -- and into trouble of the Moriarty kind!

Because you asked for it -- Joy Parker emailed uspart 4 of her crossover time travel story, "The Case of the Strange Etruscan Vase". Holmes and Lestrade try to save history in ancient Rome, and meet up with a family of covert Christians.

Krystal posted part 3 of her first fanfic, "Time to Time". A time traveler comes to Holmes' doorstep.

Cyberwolf posted part 12 and part 13 of "The Case of the Blown-Up Cottage", her Harry Potter crossover.

Likewise, it's been a while since Meleisah posted part 1 of her untitled story.

Back in March, Alicia and Mary posted part 2 and part 3 of a round robin continuation of the Harry Potter/SH22 MST storyline, "Fates Intertwine". Feel free to jump in.

Mary posted part 5 of her new serial, "Promises Kept, Promises Broken". Lestrade's gone back home to visit her dysfunctional family...but something's rotten in the state of Texas.

It's part 2 of "SH22 Dating Game: Episode 2!" by Mary. Poor Moriarty....

Here's the entirety (so far, anyway) of the line-by-line fic from the message board. Whoooo's next?

Annabelle Prachett posted part 2 of "Best Friends, Worst Enemies".

Mary also posted part 6 of "Till Death Do Us Part", her Lupin III/Mary Russell/ SH22 crossover.

Also old but new this week are the first parts of Mary's crossovers with Jackie Chan and Labyrinth ("The Masquerade").

I've finally finished webbing up part 6 (by Angel) and part 7 (by Mary) of September's giant messageboard self-MSTing fest, "Uh, Oh, Not Again".

Also in January, Annabelle Prachett posted part 1 of "Best Friends, Worst Enemies". What if Holmes were allergic to cats?

Stacey emailed part 7 of "The Case of the Stolen Keepsake"

After a long hiatus, Pat Cuadros sent us part 3 of "The Case of the Double Holmes".

I finally webbed up part 1 and part 2 of new writer Jen's untitled fic. Lestrade's sick, and it seems like nobody will let her rest.

I webbed up part 13 and part 14 of "Sherlock Puppy" by Cyberwolf.

Unfinished Stories

part 8 of her story "Cat Got Your Tongue?".
Holmes and Lestrade take a walk on the feline side.

parts 2A and B of "No One Expects the Spanish Inquisition".
A little Lestrade history, a little Lestrade present.

part 3 of "Follow the Leader".

Annie Magee
part 1 and part 2 of "Lestrade's Search for the Wind", a Sailor Moon crossover based on her picture of Lestrade as Sailor Uranus.
This story has been opened for completion by anyone.

Black Wolf
part 10 of her story "The Adventure of the Young Visitor".
A girl grapples with mysterious changes in her life and a more mundane mystery as well.

part 1 and part 2 of her MST of "Sherlock Holmes and the Secret Weapon", starring Basil Rathbone and Nigel Bruce.

Jackie Stone
part 1 of her untitled story. Send her your title suggestions!

Jacqui Holmes
part 9 of "The Adventure of the Vanished Detective".
Things aren't as bad as they seem -- they're worse!

part 1 of her new story, "Cassie and the Powerpuff Girls"

part 6 of "The Power of Gold, Silver, and Bronze".
Holmes' daughter is caught up in strange events.

part 1 of "Return from Death", posted in December.

part 1 of "The Story of Cassie Holmes"
Cassie's life story.

Kestrel Akira
part 3 and part 4 of "Legacy".

Kira S.
part 3 of "Logic of the Sidhe".
A mysterious woman on the streets of New London.

D.E. Lewis
part 5 of "Too Much, Too Fast".
There's a new mutant (not to mention an X-Man or two) in town.

part 7 of "The Week That Was".
A saga of corporate training and teambuilding in the 22nd century. Will Holmes survive?

Mary Christmas
(She announced that "if there are any unfinished stories of mine -- except Baby Blues -- that anybody wants to finish, go right ahead." Use this information for good instead of evil. *thinks* Okay, use it for evil, too.) ;)

part 14 of "The Adventure of the Cat's Eye".
A secret meeting with the owner of a mysterious gem is the beginning of an incredible adventure for our friends.

part 16 of Mary's serial "Baby Blues". Adventures in surrogate motherhood.

part 1 of "The Case of the Deadly Secret Admirer".

part 2 of her Final Fantasy crossover.

part 4 of her crossover with Scarecrow and Mrs. King, "Future's Past".
Someone tall, dark and English is out wreaking havoc, but how can the Agency stop a threat it doesn't believe is real?

part 1 and part 2 of her Austin Powers' crossover, "Insanity's the Limit".

part 8 of her new crossover story, "It's the Truth, I Swear!".
Lestrade and Watson drive into trouble in the big city. As in, size-of-a-planet big.

part 3 of the Round Duck, a sequel to Mary's crossover "Everything's Just Ducky"

part 1 and part 2 of her new serial, "The Slumber Party". Wiggins must accompany Holmes and Deidre on their most challenging undercover case ever -- infiltrating a slumber party!

Part C and Part D and Part E of "Truth or Dare II".

part 8 of her Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot/SH22 crossover, "Twins".
Inspector Lestrade-y and the scientist lady are sisters under the skin. ;) Hey, since the shows cruelly didn't give us a look at their relatives, why not?

part 1 of her new untitled Christmas story.

part 2 of an untitled story.

part 3 of "What the French Call...I Don't Know What".
Mary Christmas is tormented by her own characters.

part 4 of "The World Wide Web". Holmes and Lestrade investigate the end of a Sherlockian 2002.

Maureen S. O'Brien
"The Avian Client": part 1, part 2, part 3, and now part 4! Just what it says -- Holmes and Watson are given a case by a bird.

Camford takes Holmes, Lestrade and Watson out of the city and into a mystery.
(Last update 12/14/00)

In an attempt to break my epic record of procrastination and unfinished stories, I've gotten a little bit further along on my own long crossover story, "Twelfth Night". I've added and revised a little bit of part 2, part 3, and part 4, and I think the story now has a better foundation to continue from. (For example, it's nice to actually give characters some story to work on....)

parts 3 and part 4 of her untitled crossover story. Lestrade's in danger and when Holmes wants to know why, she asks, "Have you ever heard of Hogwarts?"

part 1 of her new story "Sick". Holmes notices something wrong with someone.

part one of her untitled story.
(She set this story free for anyone to finish.)

part 1 of a Holmes crossover with a gentleman not unknown to Mr. Poe....

a revised part 1 and a new part 2 of her first fanfic, an SH22/Star Wars crossover! Sher looks interesting to me..


Part 11 of her story "The Phantom". Who lurks in the darkness beyond the spotlight? The Phantom knows... and Holmes is determined to find out.

Will K.
part 4 of his untitled crossover with Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot.

Unfinished Collaborations

Liz de Jong and Ann:
part 1, part 2, part 3, and part 4 of "Random Fun-ness", a sequel to Liz's two previous interviews with Holmes.

Mary Christmas, Maureen O'Brien, and Cyberwolf:
part 1, part 2, part 3, part 4, part 5, part 6, and part 7 of "MST: Oh, No, Not Again...." by Mary Christmas, Maureen O'Brien, and Cyberwolf. There are at least two more parts to go.

White Nightingale posted part 4 of the Lost World round robin.

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