Not What She Appears

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General Disclaimer

Lestrade is not what she appears! -gasp-

I'd been skimming the net all morning when I realised I hadn't really and truly galumphed around this board in a while. So, I've come to galumph! And bother you all with fanfiction. Jeeze, I missed you guys! Enjoy.

Elizabeth Lestrade had very high standards. She took pride in very few things she did and was impressed by very little, with the enormous exeption of a Mr. S. Holmes. However, one thing she did take pride in was her acting ability. In fact, had she not such an enormous amount of respect for said Mr. S. Holmes (albeit a respect slightly lessened now that she had to deal with him on a regular, if unpredictable basis) she would have thought her abilities on par with his. At any rate, this overly respected future husband of hers (though he didn't know that yet) did not show any signs of clueing into her melodrama, which was the basis of her pride. Of course he could be faking it just as she was, but she prefered to think otherwise.

Today had been particularly fun. They'd had an enormous argument. Though she couldn't quite recall what it had been about. She brushed that aside, though, as it helped her stay in character. Not that this role was hard to play. She had been known for her temper and Lone Wolf Syndrome even before she began to play them up.

This newest acting job was by far the most amusing of her brilliant, if unknown career. She could rage on and be rude and no one would think anything of it... she also liked to believe that The Woman would get a good laugh from watching her string Holmes along. And besides, Holmes was ridiculously cute when he was trying to be arrogant.

It helped also that she had a confidante in this little musical. The Chief Inspector got a kick out of being loud and bumbling. When she had first uncovered his act she hadn't been quite sure why he chose such a character, but now, when she listened to him chortle over the faces of his smug employees she understood perfectly. One day he would stop pretending, and the rug would be yanked out from underneath all those lovely little Yardie boots and land them face first in the mud. It was mean, yes, but they really could be so insufferable sometimes. And Holmes, he was the most insufferable of the bunch. Besides, it made for great coffee conversation.

All the same, however, she was quite glad her love for Holmes wasn't yet another act. It felt good to be real from time to time in a world where nothing was really what it was.


Voila! An odd little thing I came up with while washing my hair the other day.... o.O

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