A Hard Look into the Future

Part 9

by Annie Magee (SKLesMisgirl at aol.com)

Hullo, everyone. Well, I decided to get of my duff and work on this story. It took me a while (I kept on getting distracted) but here it is. BTW, does anyone know how to do bold and italicized text on FF.NET? Help would be greatly appreciated. Now on to the story. Please don't forget to review and tell me what you think! Thanks!

Part 9: Fight, Rifts, Searches and Awful Revelations

The youngsters and Inspector Lestrade had met at Holmes' flat in Baker Street. Deidre had heard the news about the detective's disappearance and had alerted her friends, and they had rushed over to meet Watson and join the search. The young girl and the woman argued for about ten minutes about not being able to go with the adults.

"But Inspector," came the argumentative voice of Deidre, "We'd be able to help ya find Mister 'Olmes!"

"And I sat NO!" snapped the older woman, "It could be dangerous! I won't risk my job to have a bunch of kids to play 'hero'."

The girl looked a little crestfallen. "If Mister 'Olmes was 'ere...."

"But he ISN'T! And even if he was, I wouldn't let you come along. This ain't a field trip! We're dealing with the most intelligent and masterful criminals known! I can't risk more lives than necessary," snarled Inspector Lestrade.

Javert watched this argument go on for a few moments before he decided to step in, trying to disperse the verbal conflict. "Inspector, I'm afraid I will have to quite agree with the young lady. We can cover more ground if we have more people searching. And if we go in pairs, then the likelihood of danger is decreased."

"But if something suddenly occurs I would have to protect both myself AND the kid," growled the female inspector in a low tone.

"Isn't that your job?" Javert said evenly. Lestrade flushed a little

"I don't remember asking your opinion," she hissed as her eyes narrowed. Javert lowered his head and blushed.

He raised his head again, more determined, "I may not be your police superior, but I AM older than you, so you would do well to be quiet and listen!" the older man roared. The children and Watson were taken aback. A moment later, he calmed down and continued. "Now we should split up into three pairs and meet up back here. Deidre, I suggest you go with Watson. Tennyson, you can go with Inspector Lestrade, and you, Mr. Wiggins, can come with me. I assume that we will be given proper tools for the search?"

They glanced at him, confused, but then the robot understood. The metal man stepped out of the room and then came back in with a thin black rod and the weapon that he had seen when he met Inspector Lestrade. "This is an Illuminator. All you do is flick the little switch and it gives you light." explained Watson. Javert nodded; that seemed easy enough. "This is an ionizer; it has two settings. Stun, which which'll knock a person unconcious and bound, which'll tie up somebody. Also, this is a Holowatch. Press the green button and we can be contacted." Again Javert nodded.

"Think you can handle that, INSPECTOR?" Lestrade said coldy, with a fake smile.

He grinned, "Absolutely, INSPECTOR Lestrade," replied Javert with a self-assured smile. "Now, let's be off! We have no time to lose!" he called behind him.

They made their way down to the street and then headed their seperate ways. Night was beiginning to fall as the clouds turned dark and began to fill up the sky. Javert and the boy walked for some distance in silence, then the young man spoke.

"That was really awesome, how you stuck up for Deidre. I mean, you really put the Inspector in her- er place. Ya kinda remind me of Jean Valjean character I read about in Lit class."

Javert raised his head, "Jean Valjean?" he whispered.

"Yeah. He stuck up for people, tried to do the right thing and all that."

Javert looked over to Wiggins and then focused his attention on the road. With what little light the lamps gave off, the old inspector saw a figure who wore a long cape, running down the dark street in front of them.

"I think I spotted Holmes!" he exclaimed. Wiggins gave him a questioning glance.

"Are ya sure?"

"Positive!" he called back behind him as he started into sprint, the young man not far behind.

The old man followed the shadow, but stopped abruptly at the sight of the underground. He paused and tried to catch his breath, coughing and wheezing. His lungs ached and felt as though they were going to explode.

"Down-there, I-think he went in-there," Javert said as he gasped for breath

"You all right, man?" the teenager asked in a worried voice.

Javert nodded and took in a few deep agonizing breaths.

He pressed the green button, and Watson came onto the little screen.

"Watson," he yelled, "We think we found Holmes on-" he looked up at the street sign, "Hyde Street! I think he's going to the underground sewers."

"We'll be there! Don't go in until we arrive," replied the robot, and then the image was gone.

Javert looked over to Wiggins. "We don't have any time to wait."

The police inspector turned on his illuminator and listened carefully for any sound. Wiggins caught up with him, and soon they were walking down the dreary tunnel in search of Holmes.

Then he heard footsteps behind him. That didn't surprise him; Javert had thought it was Lestrade or the robot coming. But he had called only about five minutes ago. Was it possible that technology was so advanced that travel could have taken no more than a few minutes? Javert heard the footsteps coming closer. He and Wiggins spun around, their illuminators casting a glow that revealed the shadow of Sherlock Holmes.

Javert made the mistake of lowering his guard. He smiled and said "I'm glad we found you, Monsieur Holmes; we were getting quite worried."

Holmes pulled something from his coat, Javert tried to move but it was too late; the object came down heavily onto his head, his vision swam. The last thing Javert saw was Holmes' misted void blue eyes. Then, he slipped into the vast world of unconsciousness.

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