A Relative Close By

Chapter 1

by yearofthedragon (poptate12 at hotmail.com)

Finally, a new fic!!!!!! I'm happy this is my first shot at Sh22 fic. Enjoy.

Author: yearofthedragon (that's my other name ^_^) I'll be updating the story soon!!! Check for updates on fanfiction.net under yearofthedragon.

A/N: This fic is meant to be a super crossover with everything that I am obsessed with.

Disclaimer: I don't own Sh22 but I do own my characters Pride, Tiger, Calvin, and Hobbes. (They are not the comic strip characters, I just happen to like those names.)

Chapter 1: The Start of a New Case

Holmes sat in his accustomed chair and sat quietly, his mind not used to the boredom. He was extremely uninterested at everything going around him, which wasn't much. No one was here today; they had all left to attend something or other. Then quite suddenly a knock was heard. Remembering that Watson was out, he opened the door to find a young woman standing there, apparently quite nervous.

"Hello. Are you Mr. Sherlock Holmes?" she inquired.


"May I come in. I have a problem that I need your help with."

Holmes gestured for her to enter. She shivered not from the bitter cold outside but with fear. "Sit, Ms....?

"Ms. Parvati Chandra. Mr. Holmes. I...."

She stopped as Holmes raised his hand. "Please allow me, Ms. Chandra. You are a nurse for Memorial Hospital in the Indian section of New London. You arrived here to ask my aid in a very serious matter and would like me to help," said Holmes.

"What...but how?"

"Never mind how. Let us get on to more pressing matters." Now they were interrupted by a bang. The door crashed open. "That would be Lestrade."

And sure enough, Inspecter Lestrade of New Scotland Yard stumbled through the parlor and started upon seeing Parvati.

'Hey, who's she?' she wondered. 'Zed, Lestrade, this is no time to think of that. Just get on with it.'

"Lestrade, let me introduce you to Ms. Chandra."

"Wait? Ms. Parvati Chandra?"


"Good, you're here. Now I won't have to trash New London up to find you. You do want help with your case, right?"

Holmes looked mildly interested as Lestrade ranted on.

Finally Ms. Chandra began her story "As you said, Mr. Holmes, I work in the Memorial Hospital. Recently I was taking care of a patient who had a very bad criminal record, or so they told me. One night I locked the room after he fell asleep and made for the nurses' parlor. When I came back there was a slash on the door made by claws.

"Soon after I began to receive messages. The first said to be careful. The second and third were very much like the first but were worded differently. And at the end of the each was a sign that said to burn the note."

"What is the door made out of?' asked Holmes

"The newest type of aluminium alloy."

"Anything else?"


Ms.Chandra bade them farewell after having tea, to work on the night shift. Holmes sat on his chair and closed his eyes, a sign that he was thinking. Lestrade watched him for a few minutes, snorted and then turned to leave. Holmes opened one eye to watch her go. 'I'll start on this case in the morning.'

The next morning:

Pride ran alongside her three companions. They were almost late for school again. Zed, this time they'd have to use the shortcut at Baker Street. Holding onto her camera, she ran and also clutched the article in her hand quite tightly.

Her camera was delaying her; she stopped to string it around her neck and let her friends go on ahead. She ran after them in a few minutes. 'Zed it. Of all the days to be late. Maybe we shouldn't have had that much breakfast.'

The thirteen-year-old's mind was so preoccupied that as she neared the corner she bumped into something, sending all the papers in her hands everywhere.

A/N:I know I know it sucks, but hold on; it's going to be really interesting. By the way if anyone needs to know, it's going to be a Holmes/Lestrade fic.

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