A Relative Close By

Chapter 4

by yearofthedragon (poptate12 at hotmail.com)

A/N: Hello everyone!!!^_^ I think the updating delay will get shorter but that means that there will be only short chapters. I’m working on that Inu-yasha/Sh22 x-over too!!! LOL

There are a few curse words in this chapter, I think. Sorry, for those who hate foul mouthed language.


Pride laughed at the antics of her best friends. There they sat in their kitchen trying (this being the key word) to finish all their homework. They all had jobs to go to so that they could continue to live as comfortably as they were now.

Reaching for the last cookie on the plate beside her Geometry textbook, she was interrupted by the ringing of the vid-phone. Mentally sighing she left the quarreling trio to pick away at the last chocolate delicacy and retreated to her room while someone else answered it.

A few minutes later she had strapped on her new camera as she raced down the street to the newspaper HQ where she worked. It was a miracle that she had actually gotten the job there, but it was no surprising what with her incredible cataloguing and photography skills.(Cocky, isn’t she?)

But as she was concentrating on her newest assignment, lo and behold she has to bump in to another person. ‘Today is not my day.’

"Hey, watch where you’re going, kid!"

Looking up she met the face of Inspector Lestrade of the New Scotland Yard, and beside her -- Sherlock Holmes. She sweatdropped (I had to put that in, I’m an anime freak ^_^).

‘Of all the people in New London I could have run into, it has to be Holmes and Lestrade.’

"I’m sorry, I wasn’t paying attention." Pride checked her camera, all the while trying not to squirm under Holmes' quizzical stare.

"Apology accepted," said Lestrade, who was already continuing her walk to her destination, all the while muttering about "little annoying brats, don’t watch where they’re goin’."

Pride ran off after checking her watch. She was already late for work. ‘Shit, today is not a good day.’

Meanwhile, Holmes and Lestrade continued to walk after the little incident with the girl. The gears in Holmes' head kept churning. He couldn’t shake the feeling that he knew her from somewhere.

Lestrade glanced at Holmes from the corner of her eye. He looked worn out. Perhaps the case was too much for him. As soon as that thought came, it left. Lestrade laughed at her stupidity, Holmes loved cases. He craved new mental challenges or else he got bored. So what was actually wrong with him?

Wait, was she worried about him? Could she truly care for his wellbeing? No! Well -- maybe. She quickly shook all thoughts of Holmes out of her head as they rapidly approached a house that matched the address given to her by the chief. She walked up the steps and knocked on the door.

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