A Relative Close By

Chapter 5

by yearofthedragon (poptate12 at hotmail.com)

Hello, everyone! Once again I, the starving author, return to you with a new chapter of my messed up serial "A Relative Close By". Read on, fellow fanfiction lover, and enjoy!! ^_^

Tiger was just finishing up her experiment for environmental sciences in the backyard when a knock resounded. Not wanting to disturb her two companions, she snapped off her gloves and hurried to the door. Without bothering to ask who it might be, she opened the door and stood there shocked. That is, until she regained her composure and allowed the two guests inside.

Holmes and Lestrade were both fairly amused to how quickly different emotions passed on the girl who opened the door’s face until she recovered. They were invited inside and asked to take off their shoes, while the girl explained it was a custom in her home.

Lestrade couldn’t believe how neat the house was, considering that a bunch of teenagers lived here all alone. ‘Well, better get done with this inspection quick.’

"Hello, I’m Tiger,"

Both Holmes and Lestrade turned from their inspection of the home to face their hostess, who had just introduced herself. She had waist-length black hair that appeared to shine blue in the light, and equally sea blue eyes that gave the impression of a river.

"I assume you’re from the Yard,"

Lestrade seemed to get her voice back.

"Yup. Now the report said that four lived here,"

"Uh huh,, the boys are in their room and our other friend just went to work. Would you like something to eat or drink?"

"Tea will be quite all right. By the way, I am Sherlock Holmes and this is Inspector Lestrade."

"Pleased to meet you," Holmes quirked an eyebrow, amazed at the politeness of the girl. Most of the teens in the 22nd century had lost all manners -- Lestrade, for example, thought Holmes with a ghost of a smile reaching his lips.

Tiger quickly made tea and set out biscuits for the guests. Noticing that the Inspector had already started the routine inspection, she placed them on the table, silently wishing that her best friend would hurry home.


The person in question was stuck under a pile of children who were arguing over the story for the day. Pride mentally sighed, glancing around the mob to silently call roll. Everyone was there and currently squishing her kidneys. She squirmed and prayed that they would get the clue.

"Krishi, Nandina, put that down. All right, everyone off me!!" startled the children quickly scampered off her. "Let’s sit down on the bed over there, okay?"

And thus began her fairy tale time at the hospital. Despite her quite rough exterior, she had a soft spot for kids. She loved taking care of them, and this lot deserved more than they were given.

A beeping noise signaled the end of the session. Joyful faces instantly turned mournful at the thought of their storyteller leaving them. She smiled as she gave them all a kiss and a parting hug.


Fifteen minutes later she was found jogging back to the house, once again passing Baker Street. Her eyes roamed over one particular building. She shook the thoughts out of her head.

Running up the steps two at a time, she opened the door; it was rarely ever locked, only during the night. Turning the handle, she entered the home and struggled to untie a knot in her old black boots.

"Tadaima!!!!! Hey, guys, I’m home! Gu...." She noticed unfamiliar shoes. "Yaar, kone aya hai?" ("Guys, who are the guests?")

Livid that no one had answered, she marched into the living room.


Holmes was more than impressed by the state of the home. It seemed as if the group were used to living without parental supervision.

However, his eyes caught a few artifacts on and over the mantle. Delicately placed there, was a numerous sheathed daggers, a triton, a halberd, and lastly a bow and a quiver with intricate designs on the bases of the arrows that it held. He moved forward to study them. A voice broke through his train of thought.

"They’re nice, aren’t they?" the voice belonged to a boy. Tall, lanky but slightly muscular, his tanned skin and hair made an intimidating.

"Yes. I assume they are antiques?"

"Yup, one of a kind. One for each of us."

At this Holmes raised an eyebrow. Which of the weapons belonged to which individual....

As if reading his mind, the boy answered.

"The daggers belong to me, the triton belongs to Tiger, the halberd belongs to...."

"Me." He was cut off by another young man. This one let little emotion show on his face, yet if one was perceptive enough they might see the insignificant twitch of his lips and the brows that were slightly crinkled in amusment.

"Hello, I’m Calvin; this buffoon probably hasn’t introduced himself. He’s Hobbes."

"You were supposed to be studying." Hobbes glared at Cal, clearly offended by the buffoon comment.

"I finished."

"How’d you manage to do it so fast?" sputtered an indignant Hobbes. "I still have three chapters left!"

"If you weren’t too busy stealing Pride’s food you would have finished as well," replied Cal in an offhand manner, "You know you’ll be in trouble when she finds out. And yes, the bow and arrows belong to her." He had noticed Holmes staring at the said object on the mantle.


A/N: I want to type more but i can't. Too lazy....

Okay, Tadaima means I'm home in Japanese. I'm sorry the plot isn't running as well as I thought. Which means this is going to be a long story.-_- *sigh*. next time I promise a plot-filled chapter and fewer introductions.


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