Pretty in Punk

Part 1

by Brittney

General Disclaimer

i'm just practicing my fanfics like Joy*Star suggested, so please R&R!!! And please don't go soft or anything. If it stinks, say it stinks, don't sugarcoat it. Oh, and suggestions on how to make it better would be really nice. PPPPLLLLLEEEAAASSSEEE!!!!! Ok, enough with the pleading/drama. here it goes:

Lestrade called Holmes on the vid-phone."Holmes? Grayson just called. He wants us in his office ASA-Immediately."

Sherlock Holmes grinned. The past few days had been quite boring, and he was dying for action. He would gladly take any case right about now, if only to jump-start his mind a bit. "Sounds like a case, an exciting one at that. I shall be there in a matter of minutes, Lestrade. Watson should be able to take me."

"No need. I'll be passing by your flat in a minute. I'll just pick you up."

Holmes gulped at the thought of Lestrade's driving. A sweatdrop ran down the back of his neck. "No, really Lestrade, Watson would be happy to take me. Don't want to slow you down. Besides," he added, teasingly, "I'd like to get to Grayson's office in one piece. It would be unprofessional of me to show up missing a leg. Wouldn't you say?"

Lestrade scowled. "Hey, look who's talking. You can't do any better yourself. At least I don't blow anything up!"

Holmes looked sheepish, then defensive. "That only happened once! And it wasn't my fault. You saw the report, the other driver didn't even have a licence."

Lestrade rolled her eyes and grinned. "Suuure. Whatever you say, Mr. Holmes." Suddenly, she resumed all seriousness. "Look, if you want Watson to drive you, fine by me. Just meet me outside New Scotland Yard." Without waiting for a reply, Lestrade hung up the vid- phone.

Holmes sighed, then called to Watson. "Watson, do you think you could get me a ride to New Scotland Yard?"

Watson came in, holding baking soda in his metal hand. "Why, sure, Holmes! I'd be delighted to."

"Thank-you, Watson. Oh, and please hurry!"

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