Untitled CSI Crossover Starter

Part 1

by Racheal

General Disclaimer

Grissom: *wakes, blurry-eyed, looks around at the lab around him. Now rejuvenated as a man of twenty-nine, he looks up at a woman -- Lestrade*
What am I doing in England? I was supposed to wake up in Las Vegas to help the new CSI unit.

Lestrade: I'm sorry, Mr. Grissom. I woke you up because you're the only man that can help me....
*Lestrade looked almost sad -- uncomfortable and angry at the same time*

Grissom: How can I be be of service?

Lestrade: Sherlock Holmes is missing....

*Suddenly the view changes to a video monitor. On the screen Grissom is talking to Lestrade, his brow furrowed with thought. In the background Moriarty's laughter can be heard echoing off the walls as something falls across the screen -- Holmes's deerstalker.*

Editor's Note: CSI belongs to Jerry Bruckheimer and CBS.


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