SH22 Meets LOTR

by Annabelle Prachett

General Disclaimer

I was working on a story like this. Then my classmate put her cell phone on my disks when I was gone and it erased all the files. (Arghhh!)

Well, the next day Teach had us do a round robin where everyone writes a few paragraphs for a story. Here's my first paragraph:

That squeaking noise was driving Holmes nuts! Greatest detective and I can't find what's causing that noise. He crept around the room with his ear pressed against the ground.

Pippin felt odd. One minute he's in the Shire, the next he trips over a rock and goes through a portal of some sort. He pushed himself farther against the wall behind the plant. He held his breath, hearing Holmes come closer.

Holmes parted the bushes above and looked down. He and the Hobbit opened their mouths at the same time. "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!"



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