Part 1

by Brittney

General Disclaimer

Oh, sure! I could give you a starter! I think...

Here it goes: (please excuse any spelling mistakes. I'm the worst speller ever!!)

Holmes stopped and knealed on the ground in fornt of the forked path. His eyes searched the ground for any sign of Moriarty or Fenwick. Suddenly, he cried out and bounded down the path to the right. He had been pursueing Moriarty for at least an hour now, weaving in and out of the large boxes in this deserted factory.

Lestrade was long lost in the chase, somewhere in the opposite side of the factory searching for a way out. He had kept going in spite of her shouts to come help her find her way through the mazes of boxes; he was hot on Moriarty's trail, and this was too good to lose, even for Lestrade.

Holmes came to a sudden halt as he almost crashed into the door in front of him. He swung it open to find a small, bleak room. In it was what appeared to be a over-sized ioniser, with Moriarty standing behind it at the controls. "Ah, Holmes! You fell right into my trap! Did you really think you could even come close to catching me? I am your superior, as you will now see!" And with that, Moriarty pressed a huge, red button on the control panel in front of him. A laser shot out of the ioniser, directly at Holmes. It hit it's target with a loud 'thump'. Suddenly, the room was swirling around Holmes and all went black.

Holmes woke up and rubbed his head with a groan. What had happened? He groaned again as he recalled the events that took place. Holmes looked up and gasped. "What the devil...?" Everything was suddenly huge! The boxes that were a foot smaller than he was were now 20 times his size! And Moriarty! He was a giant! Holmes gulped. What exactly _had_ happened?

He could hear Moriarty screaming something at Fenwick. His voice shook Holmes and almost made him deaf. "What happened?! He didn't die! He... he... shrunk!"

Fenwick stuttered. "You told me to make an all- purpose machine. You can do a lot more things than just kill them. I thought that's what you wanted."

"No, you fool! All I wanted to do was kill Holmes! Why would I want to _shrink_ him?? You got your buttons mixed up, anyway. You told me this was the 'kill' button!"

"No, the one to the right of it is the 'kill' button. You pressed the 'shrink' button."

"Perhaps I should 'kill' you!" Moriarty put his finger on the right button this time, and aimed the ioniser at Fenwick. Fenwick screeched and ducked behind the boxes. Moriarty grumbled and put the ioniser down. His hands were on his forehead, and his eyes were closed. Moriarty was deep in thought. "So," he said at last. "My worst enemy is now as big as... what? A mouse?" F

Fenwick came out of his hiding place. "Yes, about the size of a mouse."

"What are the chances of us finding him here?"

"Not too great, sir."

Moriarty sighed, thought about it, then brightened up again. "Well, I suppose he can't do too much harm to my plans, considering his size. My biggest problem has now become my smallest one, literally!" Moriarty laughed, joined by Fenwick as soon as he assured himself Moriarty was not going to reach for the gun. They both walked away laughing.

Holmes sighed. Great, now he was the size of a mouse, with no help from anyone else. He suddenly wished he hadn't abandoned Lestrade. Then a thought passed through his mind. If Moriarty hadn't pressed the wrong button, then... Holmes shuddered.


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