A Song for You

by Joy*Starr

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If ever there was a day
When there wasn’t enough time

"Oh, dash it all!" thought Sherlock Holmes as he and Lestrade raced out of Greyson’s office. He had gone into Lestrade’s office that morning in order to discuss something of importance with her. Of course, just as he said, "Lestrade, there’s something I’ve been wanting to-", he was interrupted by an urgent beeping on Lestrade’s comlink.

"Lestrade, I want you in my office A-S-A-mmediately!" yelled Chief Inspector Greyson. Lestrade sighed and gave Holmes a look that said, "Sorry! We’ll talk later!"

If I was too careless to say
You have been on my mind

Apparently, Moriarty had been at work yet again, and Lestrade and Holmes were to track him down. Holmes sighed mentally. Would he ever get any free time to talk with Lestrade? Oh well. He would have to contemplate that later.

I know I have passed up the chance before
But I wanna tell you now

As they sped along in the police hovercraft, Holmes stole a glance at Lestrade. She appeared to be deep in thought, even though she was driving, and for once Holmes had no clue what she was thinking about. Oh, he wanted to tell her so badly! But he reluctantly decided that it had best wait until after their case.

I love I love you
I need I need you
No better time to say
I love I love you
I need I need you

There he was: Moriarty, destroying the main computer at the New London Bank. Uncharacteristically, Holmes was impatient to get it over with. Usually, he enjoyed sparring with the criminal genius, but today, he didn’t feel much like exchanging insults with Moriarty. There was something important he needed to tell Lestrade, and he felt as if he would burst if he didn’t tell her soon.

This is a song for you
If ever there was a time
When I pushed you aside

"Lestrade," whispered Holmes. "Since the main computer is on a bridge, you come at Moriarty from the side closest to us, while I take the other entrance." Now he turned to Watson, who had come along as well. "Watson, you shall call the Yard for back-up." The others nodded, and they split up.

I’m so glad you stayed through it all
And that you’re in my life

Holmes ran to his chosen doorway and up the stairs to the bridge, waiting for Lestrade to appear. When she came into view in the doorway opposite him, they nodded and both strolled out onto the bridge to confront Moriarty. "So we meet yet again, Moriarty," said Holmes. By now Lestrade had her ionizer ready and waiting.

Moriarty turned and scowled at Holmes. Then he sighed. "I guess I shouldn’t be surprised that you are here. Somehow you and ‘dear Lestrade’..." He emphasized dear. "...always turn up whenever I am committing a crime." Lestrade winced as Moriarty used Holmes’ pet name for her. It ticked her off that he would say that. Holmes was the only person she let get away with it, and Moriarty would be no exception.

"I am not ‘dear’ to you, Moriarty! No one has ever called me that and lived to say it again!" she spat.

Moriarty had turned to face her, and now he spoke. "You mean, no one...except for Holmes," he said, grinning. (Not a pretty sight!) Lestrade felt her cheeks grow warm. Moriarty saw her blush and laughed. Of course, Moriarty was not the only one who saw the redness of her cheeks. Holmes watched their conversation in silence, momentarily forgotten. He, too, was angered when the criminal mastermind had called Lestrade ‘dear’, and he was delighted at her reaction. It pleased him that she blushed when Moriarty made his comment, though he knew that Lestrade was anything but happy.

Oh there have been times when I didn’t know how
But I wanna tell you now

"Moriarty, if you will please stop flirting with Lestrade, we can arrest you and be on our way." The other two turned to face Holmes, who had finally spoken.

"Holmes, who are you to tell me to stop flirting, especially when I’m not? You don’t seem to mind doing it with the Inspector once in a while." Now it was Holmes’ turn to blush slightly, but thankfully, Moriarty didn’t seem to notice.

Suddenly Lestrade called, "Holmes, can we get this over with?" Holmes nodded, and they began to advance towards Moriarty. Suddenly, Moriarty reached down and pressed something on his belt. Directly above Moriarty there was a skylight. Holmes realized it was open, and now a rope ladder was lowered down. Moriarty grabbed the bottom rung and began to climb. Lestrade’s reflexes were quicker than Holmes’, and she leapt through the air and caught hold of the ladder.

Holmes’ heart jumped to his throat. He had been a few seconds late, and now the ladder was too high for him to reach. Lestrade was on her own up there, and he didn’t like it one bit. One part of him told him that she could take care of herself, but the other part of him wanted to be up there with her to help and protect her.

He was surprised at this new part of him that he had just discovered. Or had he? Perhaps he had always known it was there. Yes, he realized that he had always felt a little protective towards Lestrade; he had just never felt this strongly before. Be careful, Lestrade! he begged silently.

I love I love you
I need I need you
No better time to say
I love I love you
I need I need you

Meanwhile Lestrade had a hold of Moriarty’s ankle and was struggling to keep her grip on him as the hovercraft flew higher and higher. Moriarty had been twisting about, trying to shake her. Suddenly, he kicked out violently with the leg that Lestrade was holding onto, and she fell. Holmes was watching the whole thing, and when he saw her fall he cried, "No!"

For the skies you made blue
For the smiles the light reflected through

Holmes estimated where Lestrade would land on the bridge and quickly positioned himself to catch her. Of course, since she had fallen from pretty high up, the force of her hitting his arms knocked him over, and they lay sprawled out on the bridge for a minute or two. When they finally sat up, Lestrade grinned weakly at Holmes and said, "I knew I was doing the right thing when I brought you back to life!" Holmes reciprocated the unsuccessful attempt at a smile, and they rose shakily to their feet, just in time to hear New Scotland Yard police cruiser sirens.

If today was my very last day
And I lost my chance to say

That evening Lestrade invited Holmes to her apartment for a cup of coffee. Holmes gladly accepted. At 7:00 he knocked on her door, which was opened almost instantly. Lestrade grinned at him and said, "Glad you could make it, Holmes. There’s something I’d like to...uh...talk to you about." She ended up looking a bit uncomfortable.

"I have a subject for discussion as well," Holmes told her, though he was better at hiding his emotions. He wondered what Lestrade could have in mind.

Together they went and made themselves comfy on Lestrade’s couch. "Lestrade..." began Holmes, "I have been thinking... that is...I wanted to tell you...."

Suddenly an insistent whistling interrupted him. Lestrade jumped off the sofa. "That’ll be the coffee," she said, and walked briskly to the kitchen. Holmes let out a quiet sigh of frustration. Why did this have to be so difficult?

In Heaven I would hope that you know
That you’ve been an angel, for all you've done for me

Lestrade came back into the room carrying a tray laden with filled coffee cups, cream, and a little cup containing sugar. Suddenly she tripped over a wrinkle in one of her various rugs. She felt gravity pulling at her, but Holmes managed to grab her in one arm, the tray in the other. Amazingly, not one drop of liquid was spilled.

Lestrade found herself pressed against Holmes’ body, looking up into his beautiful blue eyes. Her heart began to thump against her chest, and she was sure he felt it. "Isn’t this the part of the story where the two characters get embarrassed, and sort of...back away from each other?" Lestrade asked Holmes, trying to keep from trembling.

"No," he said, setting down the tray on the coffee table. Now both of his arms were free to put around Lestrade. "This is the part," he continued, "where I hold you close and tell you, ’I love you’."

"And I say, ‘I love you, too’," Lestrade said, feeling herself begin to melt into his embrace.

"Then I bend down just a little and-"

Holmes was cut off as their lips finally met.

I love I love you
I need I need you
No better time to say
I love I love you
I need I need you

It didn’t last very long; Beth Lestrade and Sherlock Holmes aren’t the kind of people who can just sit and kiss forever. However, Holmes concluded that it was a most pleasant experience, and it made him feel high in a way that his drug injections never had. Lestrade was the first to actually recover from the tender kiss. "See, I told you I was right to bring you back to life," she said, a little breathlessly.

"For more reasons than one," replied Holmes, and he bent down for another kiss.

I got this song from Rachel Lampa's CD. It's called "Kaleidoscope". I've been wanting to write a song fic for a while, and I finally got it out of my system. Hope you enjoyed it!


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