Sherlock Holmes and the Super Virus

by Brink (karoke_superstar2002 at

General Disclaimer

Disclaimer: I donít own any SH22 characters, or anything thatís real.

(A/N: I donít know a lot about viruses and bacteria, so some of these symptoms might be caused by either viruses or bacteria, but Iím calling them all viruses.)

Chapter One: Moriartyís New Plan

Inspector Elizabeth Lestrade, also known as Beth, or simply Lestrade, was eating at Homerís Restaurant with her partner, Sherlock Holmes, also known as Holmes. Unknown to them, Professor James Moriarty, also known as Moriarty, was also in the restaurant, and had some evil trick up his sleeve.

Moriarty had a microbiologist named Stephen Culver make a super virus, and turned it into an odorless, tasteless powder. When Holmes and Lestrade werenít watching, Moriarty (in disguise, of course), dumped the powder into Holmesís tea. Smiling at his completed quest, Moriarty went back to Dr. Martin Fenwickís lab.

Back at 221B Baker Street, Holmes and Lestrade greeted the robot they called Watson. A few minutes later, however, Culverís super virus had begun to work.

"Holmes, are you okay?" asked Lestrade, looking at Holmes, whose cheeks and forehead became slightly pink all of a sudden.

Holmes shook his head, and said, "Iím not really sure, Lestrade."

He then ran into the bathroom, and Lestrade and Watson could just barely hear the sound of someone (Holmes) retching.

"Holmes, did you just puke?" asked Lestrade.

Holmes, looking at the floor, nodded his head yes.

Lestrade leaned over, and felt Holmesís forehead and said, "Youíre burning up, Holmes. Watson, get Holmes a thermometer."

Holmes leaned back on the settee, and closed his eyes, too tired to argue. Watson took a thermometer out of his elbow, and said, "Say Ďahh.í"


Watson stuck the thermometer in Holmesís mouth.

After a few moments, Watson took the thermometer out of Holmesís mouth, and read the temperature.

"103.9," he exclaimed. (A/N: I know I used Fahrenheit, but I donít know Celsius all that well.)

"Holmes, you need to get in bed now," ordered Lestrade.

So, Holmes went to his room, and got in bed, and took a nap. Normally, Holmes wouldnít be quite so obedient, but he was too tired and maybe sick to argue right now. Maybe later, when he was feeling better.

"How did Holmes get sick, Lestrade?" asked Watson.

"I donít know, Watson. He was fine while at Homerís. He didnít get sick until we came here," answered Lestrade.

"Oh. Thatís quite strange," replied Watson.

"It is, isnít it," she asked.


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