Pyramus and Thisbe

Part 1

by Selene (sherlock2103 at and William Shakespeare

I decided to write this anyway.

Pyramus and Thisbe

Main Cast:
Sherlock Holmes---Pyramus
Beth Lestrade---Thisbe

Main Crew:
Selene: Director
Deidre: Makeup artist, costume designer
Wiggins: Props Director
Tennyson: Scriptwriter


Selene: Okay! Places everyone!

Sherlock: (putting on his shiny silver helmet)

Deidre: It looks good on you, Mr. Holmes.

Sherlock: Thank you.

Selene: Quiet on the set! Sherlock, Beth, you are on!

Scene 1

Selene: ACTION!

The lightning director: (dims down the lights)

Wiggins: (puts a fake wall on the set surrounded with rocks)

Sherlock: (comes to the set with his style grand, operatic and declamatory)

Selene: Good job with the costume, Deidre.

Deidre: Thanks.

Sherlock: O grim-looked night! O night with hue so black!

O night, which ever art when day is not!
O night, O night! Alack, alack, alack.
I fear my Thisbe's promise if forget!
And thou, O wall, O sweet, O lovely wall,
That stand'st between her (scowls) father's ground and mine!
Thou wall, O wall, O sweet and lovely wall,
Show me thy chink, to blink through with mine eyne!
(looks through the hole on the wall)
Thanks, courteous wall. Jove shield thee well for this!
(frowns) But what I see? No Thisbe.
(scowls) O wicked wall, through whom I see no bliss!
(raised his voice) Cursed be thy bloody stones for thus deceiving me!

Selene: Where does the word "bloody" comes from? Oh well.

Sherlock: (kicking the stones hard angrily)

Deidre: I think Mr. Holmes are going a bit too far on his role.

Selene: No, it is just right.

Beth: (comes to the set, wearing a light blue toga.)

O wall, full often hast thou heard my moans,
For parting my fair Pyramus and me!
My cherry lips have often kissed thy stones,
Thy stones with lime and hair knit up in thee.

Sherlock: I see a voice: now will I to the chink

To spy if I can hear my Thisbe's face.
(yelling over the wall) Thisbe!

Beth: (gasps) My love thou art, my love, I think?

Sherlock: Think what thou wilt, I am gracious lover;

And, like Paris, am I trusty always.

Beth: And I like Helen, till the Fates me kill.

Sherlock: O kiss me through the hole of this vile wall!

Beth/Sherlock: (kisses each other through the wall's hole)

Beth: (gasps in horror) I kiss the wall's hole, not your lips at all!

Wiggins/Deidre: (laughs)

Selene: Shut up!

Sherlock: Wilt thou at Ninny's tomb---

Selene: Ninus!!! Sherlock, I told you 3 times, it is Ninus, not Ninny!

Sherlock: All right.... Wilt thou at Ninus' tomb meet me immediately?

Beth: Come life, come death, I come without delay.

(exit the set)

Selene: Cut!

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