Pyramus and Thisbe

Part 3

by Selene (sherlock2103 at and William Shakespeare

Scene 3

Selene: Okay, Sherlock, you are on!

Sherlock: (removes his helmet and gives it to Deidre)

Selene: ACTION!

Sherlock: (goes to the set, puts his hand on his chest and looks directly at the light)
Sweet moon, I thank you for the thy beams,
I thank you, moon, for shining now so bright;
For, by thy gracious, golden, glittering beams
I trust to take of truest Thisbe sight.

(looks down, sees the mantle and freezes)
But stay- O disaster!
But mark, poor knight,
What dreadful reason for sorrow is here!

(kneels down)
Eyes, do you see?
How can it be?

(grabs the mantle)
O dainty duck, O dear!
Thy mantle good-
What, stained with blood?
Approach, ye Furies fell!
O Fates, come, come,
Cut everything,
Destroy, crush, conclude, and kill!

Wiggins: Wow, Mr. Holmes is really good at memorizing his lines.

Deidre: I wonder, did he pass History when he was younger...?

Selene: Quiet!

Sherlock: O, wherefore, Nature, didst thou lions make?
(tears form in his eyes)
Since lion vile hath here devoured my dear?
Which is...
(pause, thinks for a while)
no, no! which was the fairest dame
That lived, that loved,
that liked, that looked with cheer.

Come, tears, destroy me;

(stops crying, put down the mantle and pulls out his sword)
Out, sword, and wound
The chest of Pyramus:
Ay, that left chest
Where heart doth hop.
Thus die I, thus, thus, thus.

(stabs himself on his chest, hard)
(vomits blood from his mouth)
(weakly) Now am I dead, I fled...

(splits out more blood)
My soul is in the sky...
Tongue....lose thy light...
Moon, take thy flight...
Now die, die, die, die....die.

(lies down and closes his eyes)

Beth: (suddenly comes out from nowhere and spots Sherlock)
Asleep, my love?

(kneels down and shakes Sherlock a little)
(eyes widens as she sees the blood)
What, dead, my dove?

(shakes Sherlock more)
O Pyramus, arise!

(stop shaking)
Speak....speak! Quite dumb?
Dead, dead? A tomb

(chokes back her tears)
Must cover thy sweet eyes.
These lily lips,
This cherry nose,
These yellow cowslip cheeks,

(touching Sherlock's cheeks)
Are gone,
are gone.
Lovers, make moan-
His eyes were blue as sky.

(looks up to the sky)
(softly) O Sisters three,
Come, come to me
With hands as pale as milk;
Lay them in gore,
Since you have cut
With shears his thread of silk.
Tongue, not a word!

(removes Sherlock's sword from his chest)
Come, trusty sword,
Come, blade, my breast imbrue!

(stabs herself on her chest)
And...(coughs out blood) farewell, friends.



Selene/Deidre: (stare with tears in their eyes)

Wiggins/Watson/Tennyson: (silent)

Selene/Deidre/Wiggins/Watson/Tennyson: (applaud)

Selene: CUT! Excellent! (wipes the eyes off her eyes)

Sherlock/Beth: (get up from the floor and bow)

Selene: Deidre, how did they manage to have blood in their mouth?

Deidre: Simple, this. (shows Selene a small packet of red liquid) I told them to put this in their mouths.

Selene: Cool. OK! Everyone, let's clean up!


In the dressing room...

Sherlock/Beth: (removing their makeup)

Selene: Great jobs, guys!

Sherlock/Beth: Thanks.

Beth: You know, Director? I am beginning to like this showbiz business.

Sherlock: Yes, when is our next movie, Director?

Selene: What?! (faints)

Beth: What's with her?

Sherlock: (shrugs his shoulders)


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