Time to Time

by Krystal

Part 1


i am so nervous. please, this is my first time writing a SH22. you can be harsh but nice. uh, if you can understand that. i just hope i finish it. if i don't you can pester me until i do.


In an almost dark room stood a 16-year-old girl huddled over a table. She seemed not to notice the door open behind her and a shadow draw near with its hands high in the air. They came down hard on her shoulders, sending a howl from her. She swung her hand back, which was still holding a wrench.

"Ag! My head! Krys, what did you do that for?"

She turned around and saw that it was her friend Andy. She began to laugh, seeing that he was wearing a deerstalker hat and an Inverness cape.

"Well, I guess you caught me; I was the one who took the last cookie. But really, whatís up with that? Its not Halloween, you know."

"Iím in the school play, A Study in Scarlet."

"So do I get a front row seat to your great debut?"

"Ha ha. So what was so important that you had to call during practice?"

Krys took what she was working on and handed it to him. He gave it an odd look before answering.

"And this is suppose to be a what?"

"Mini time machine, I think. I figured out how to do it."

They had been friends since they could remember but they always had to give each other a bad time.

"So you want to try it out?" said Krys.

"Iíve seen your experiments. I would rather not have my mother trying to peel my remains off the ceiling."

"You can be so conceited."

"And I would prefer it that way. Now if you donít mind I have homework."

"Okay, but on more thing."

"And that would be?" he said, turning around. She grabbed his arm and put the instrument on his wrist. With a look of anger in his eyes Andy disappeared. Krys fell against the wall astonished that one of her inventions had actually worked. Quickly she placed the other on her wrist and with a deep breath said, "Here I come!"

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