Time to Time

by Krystal (jkkpilon at juno.com)

Part 3


Chapter 3 !!! I'm a week later than what i said but i did it that's what counts.

Krys landed catlike on the sidewalk. She stood and surveyed the surroundings.

"Mmm, so we made it. Andy, where are you?" she called but got no reply. Crunch. "Whoís there? Show yourself!"

A man who looked in need of some plastic surgery came forth from the shadows.

"You are lost, no?" He came closer to her "We can help you get there."

"No thanks, Frankenstein, but I think I can find my own way. And what do you mean by 'we'?"

"He means me, my dear." She turned to see a second guy emerge from the darkness "Now please hand over that watch of yours, please."

"Over my dead body."

"That can be arranged," the first one said, lunging at her. She gave him a hard kick to his head. The second man advanced and started to fight.

Holmes sat near the window watching what was going on down below. Feeling that it had gone on long enough, he called, "Quick, Watson, follow me."

As they rushed out the two men jumped into their hovercar and were in the process of getting Krys in there as well, when she slipped off her watch and started to run. The hovercar passed by and hit her on the side of her head. Watson carried her inside the flat, sat her on the couch and went into the kitchen.

Holmes sat in his chair facing her, trying to figure out who she was. About ten minutes later Watson came back into the living room. He nearly dropped his tray when he saw Holmes facing the girl, who was staring back at him.

"Ah, I see she is awake, Holmes."

"Yes, I am aware of that, Watson."

"So I was right about who you two were."

Holmes blinked in surprise as she spoke for the first time.

"What is your name?"

"My name is Krys. By the way, where am I, exactly?

"You are in London -- the year 2105," said Watson.

Her gaze left Holmesís face.

"What? Iím a hundred and two years in the future?" Then to herself she said, "The watch's power goes that far." She looked at her wrist. "Agh! My watch! They took it!"

"Who are 'they', exactly?" asked Holmes.

"Well, one of them was really really ugly and the other was wearing a Victorian-slash-futuristic, like, outfit."

"Ah. Looks like you have just met Professor Moriarty and his lackey Fenwick."

Just then there was a slam of a door and the angry sound of footsteps outside the room of 221b.

Likie? Iíve been kind of busy but I promise to finish!


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