Truth or Dare II

Part F

by Alexandria

Part F! (By the wonderful Alex)

What are we gonna do when we get to Z?

"Dare," Alex replied to Draco's question. "And Mary, before you get too much ahead of yourself in your plotting, take note that Draco is under MY care and I will personally get you if it gets too drastic. He may be a cocky, self-absorbed bastard, but he's a very handsome bastard." (Meh, I'm under influence of fanfic).

"Hmmm," ponders Draco. "Alex, I dare you to....kiss ME. Full on the lips. Think you can handle that?" (kinda lame, I know). "Is that all?" Alex inquires. She walks over and gives Draco a deep French kiss, such that his eyes widen, and they both fall backward onto the floor. There are some sounds of scuffling. "Do we even wanna know what's going on over there?" ask several people. Matt looks over to the couple. "Ah, I don't think so," he replies.

After several minutes of this, the two finally emerged, Alex looking very satisfied, and Draco simply looking absolutely bewildered, dazed, etc. Mary just looks at Alex, stunned, as well as all the other people from the HP world, and Frodo, and likely some others. "You might want to close your mouths people, I don't think that position is good for your jaw," Alex quips. "Oh, yay! I managed to get his boxers too!" A pair of green silk boxers with Draco's name monogrammed in silver is held up for all to see. "Good thing you didn't wear the pair with the teddy bears on 'em, eh Draccie?" Draco, his pale skin already lit by a blush, went an even deeper crimson. "Excuse me," he said in reply, and immediatly dashed out the door.

Alex stared forlornly in the direction he had went. She settles back down with the two rabbits she had abandoned earlier. "Ah well, back to the game." She turns to Matt and asks the Question of Doom. "What will it be, Matt? Truth or Dare?"

Bum bum BUM!!! :looks in Mary's direction and raises eyebrow significantly: (Wow, I can lift both eyebrows independently of each other! Aren't I special?) BTW, if you're confused, I think the order goes: Draco, Alex, Matt, George, Sirius, James, Remus and Omar. Fred and Al are still currently rabbits sitting on my lap.

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