Truth or Dare II

Part R

by Aralyn/Mary

Ditto for me with me about part three. I wanna see Lupin and Sirius. But you know what? At the end of my post, I was gonna shove you and Frodo into a closet, but decided against it. Seriously! Weird, eh? Ooooo, I'm pssssy-chic! But nix on Rusty finding the closet. It would really damage him. Probably even more so than if he was told The Truth About Big Guy.

"Strip Poker! I'm in!" shouted Alex and Al simultaneously, then grinned at each other. "All right people, pick your groups! Time for Strip Poker!" she yelled. She went around, then dragged the Marauders, the Weasley Twins, Harry, and Draco to one part of the room. "Come on, Hermione! Don't you wanna see Ronniekins half naked?" Hermione blushed, but followed. The remaining people, I guess form the 'adult group' in another part.

What followed was several very enjoyable hours, with more than a few snogs going on. Extra closets had to be utilized. It turns out Dr. Slate is actually an excellent poker player (we can all guess what *that* led to). Alex acquired several new items for her boxer/boys' clothing collection. ("Awwww, George, how cute! they have little hearts all over them!"(A/N: I have no better idea! I'm open to suggestions!). She occasionally snuck a look over to the other group, to keep an eye on Al. He ended up losing his own underwear that day.

Sirius and Alex spent a satisfying session in The Snogging Closet. They ate, which later degenerated into a huge foodfight among the "kids" group, which led to more snogging (Oh God, this is starting to sound like "Draco Dexter"!!!!! Eeeeepp!) right on the table or any nearby couches (some conjured there). Mary and Frodo made good use of them.

Okay...this is all I can really think of. Fun!


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