The Werewolf

Part 2

by Mike C. (jager1991 at

I decided to make part 2 of my story now. So here we go.

When Holmes got outside, he was almost blown away by how windy and cold it was. Sherlock and Watson were about to get in the hovercar when Betty -- with her long blonde hair flowing through the air so you could really see her beautiful blue eyes -- demanded that Holmes and Watson take her with them.

Holmes said. "We simply can't. It whould ruin the case."

Betty replied, "Please, just this once. I need to know what happened to my husband."

Holmes finally gave in and said that she could come, as long as she didn't ruin the case. So Betty, Holmes, and Watson got in the hovercar.

Holmes said, "We must go to the pound."

"Why?" Watson asked.

"To find a dog," Holmes replied.

"To find the dog that hair belongs to?" Betty asked.

"No," Holmes said, "to get a dog who can find who that hair belongs to."

"Well, then, to the New London Pound," Watson said.

When they arived at the pound they found a pitbull. Holmes told the man, "This one will do. Does it have a name?"

The man said, "Yes, his name is Chadrick."

"We'll take him!" Betty exclaimed.

They went outside and they let the dog sniff the piece of hair. Then they were off. But when the dog stopped it was a dead end.

Betty got mad and started punching Sherlock. Betty cried, "The stupid dog took us to a dead end!"

Holmes said, "Please. I wouldn't want to hurt a woman, especially one smaller than me."

All of a sudden, Holmes, Betty and Watson had bags over their heads and were thrown into a hovercar.

As you see, I like cliffhangers.


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