Where Are You?

Part 1

by Katie Thompson (animal_lover44 at hotmail.com)

Well, here I go. I hope you guys enjoy.

Sherlock Holmes sat down to breakfast, thinking over the wonders of the 22nd century. New London confused and astounded him. 'How much London has changed over two hundred years.' Just then Inspector Lestrade came into his mind. The role of women had also changed significantly from his day, and Lestrade was the proof of that. As he finished his morning tea which the compudroid named Watson had just given to him, the videophone went off. Going over to it, Holmes turned it on, and on the screen appeared a very upset and disturbed Chief Inspector Grayson from New Scotland Yard.

"Good morning, Chief Inspector Grayson. What seems to be the problem?" Holmes asked to a now red-faced Grayson.

"The problem with me, Holmes, is that Lestrade has not come into work today and she is not answering my calls to her apartment. She is apparently missing and I want you to find her," a now angry and even redder faced Grayson replied.

"Missing," stated Holmes mostly to himself, "All right, I will look into this matter." Holmes tried to hid his fluster over the whole situation.

"Good. And report to me if anything comes up," ordered Grayson; then the video went blank.

As Holmes gathered his Inverness and deerstalker he spoke to Watson. "Iím going out. Would you like to come?"

Watson stuck his head out of the kitchen door. "I thought to do some tidying up today, Holmes." replied Watson. "Is there something the matter?" This came from the way Watson saw a expression of weariness on Holmes' face.

"Lestrade has gone missing and Chief Inspector Grayson has asked me to find her. So I will be gone a few hours." Holmes could see what he had just said startled and upset Watson. "Donít worry old man, Iíll find her." Though Holmes didnít sound just as confident as he wanted to be.

Watson nodded and Holmes left the apartment. Good thing that he had a few lessons on how to drive hovercraft from Lestrade and Watson.

Holmes made it to Lestrade's apartment with no big trouble. Inside everything was dishevelled and on the floor. He began searching for any evidence in how they were able to get Lestrade without causing a huge brawl. The mess looked handmade and not from a struggle, which would have really happened if Lestrade had time to react to the intruders. Therefore she must have been taken unaware by her kidnappers. A continued search found a set of unfamiliar foot prints with soil deposits, Holmes took a sample of it in a evidence tube. He also found a dented piece of pipe on the floor of the kitchen which Holmes deduced was used to probably knock Lestrade out, for there were a couple spots of blood on it; but he would get it analysed to make sure.

"Lestrade, where are you?" Holmes asked the empty apartment.

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