The Legend of Holmes: the Wind Waker

Part 1

by Mary Christmas (unicorn_76010 at

General Disclaimer

Because I too have very bad plot bunnies... here's another weird little crossover type story thing.

The Legend of Holmes: the Wind Waker

Summary: Mary has gone insane (even more so than usual) and replaced the Zelda characters with Holmes characters (egad!).
Disclaimer: The Legend of Zelda does not belong to us!

Prologue (A paraphrasing of the game's prologue)

This is but one of the stories of which the people speak...

Long ago, a great evil tried to take over the world, but a boy dressed all in green took the sword of evil's bane and sealed the evil away for what was to be eternity.

For many years, peace and prosperity reigned and the people were happy. However, evil once again escaped and the people called for the great Hero to save them. Unfortunately, he was nowhere to be found.

So, faced with an onslaught of evil, they prayed to the gods and left their futures to fates hands.

What happened to that kingdom? None remain who know.

Though the memories of that kingdom were lost, its legend survived on the wind's breath and was carried to a small island. There, in celebration, when a child reaches the age of the legendary hero, they dress in the green of the fields....

It was a bright and sunny morning on Outset Island, with the wind making a delightful breeze. A peaceful village rested beneath a tall, forested mountain. Several huts dotted the scenery and people wandered to and fro, bustling in their usual daily routines.

One hut sat overlooking the sea, built high on stilts in case of hurricanes. The door popped open and a very young girl came running out, dragging a telescope behind her. She had reddish brown hair tied into two neat little pigtails and wore a blue shift type dress with a white swirling pattern on it.

She rushed down the wooden deck of her house and down the beach front calling loudly. "Sister! Hoy! Big Sister!" She kept running until she made it to the large watchtower that overlooked the ocean and climbed up to the top.

There, sleeping soundly, was her big sister, her brown hair waving slightly in the wind.

"Hey! Beth, wake up!" the younger girl insisted.

Groggily, the one called Beth sat up and blinked sleepily when she didn't see anyone. Then she yawned and stretched.

"Sister! Don't you know what today is?" the insistant voice asked again.

Beth gasped and clasped her hands to her chest and glared at her sister. "Deidre, don't scare me like that!"

Deidre just gave an engaging grin. "You're still half asleep. Don't you remember that today's your birthday?"

"Oh yeah, I forgot," Beth muttered, still trying to wake up.

"Well, Grandpa sent me to find you, 'e 'as something for you." Deidre grinned.

"Really?" Beth asked. At the younger girl's nod, she gave a loud whoop, and did a back flip off the watchtower into the sea below. She quickly swam to shore and ran for the hut that overlooked the sea.

When she got inside, there was no sign of the old man who had taken care of them since she was five and Diedre was only a baby. Charles Greyson was a good man, escpecially since he had taken them both in when their parents had died. She decided to climb the ladder into the loft, even though she was pretty sure he wouldn't be up there. His joints often ailed him at this time of year.

However, when she got to the top, he was there to her great surprise. And in his hands, he held a set of green clothes...Beth groaned, knowing what was to come next.

"Ah, is tradition, on this your fifteenth birthday I present you with the Hero's clothes." At the look on her face, he continued, "I know, not what you were expecting, but it is tradition and it's only for one day. Now, act like the Lestrade I know you are!"

Beth looked down at her feet and scuffed the ground with the toe of her shoe, then looked back up with a resigned sigh. "Okay, gramps, I'll do it." And with that she pulled the clothes on over her thin tunic and muttered. Sheesh, these things were going to be HOT. Oh well, it was only for a day.

"Now," grandpa, continued, "Go and get your sister. I'm going to prepare a feast in honor of your birthday and I'm going to need some help. Oh, and i'll be fixing some of your favorite soup too."

Beth grinned. "Thanks gramps. I'm going now." She climbed down the ladder--because he would have killed her if she tried a back flip in the house-- and made her way outside.

Soon she was back at the watchtower, watching as Deidre played with the seagulls that followed the girl constantly. Finally, the younger girl noticed her older sister and grinned engagingly. "Okay, Beth, close your eyes and hold out your hands. I'm giving you a present. But only for today. You have to give it back tomorrow."

Beth did as bid, and then stared in surprise at the telescope she held in her hand. "Gee, Deidre, thanks..." It was the girl's most prized possesion. It was the only thing their parent's had left her, and she never parted with it. She even slept with it.

"You're welcome. Now why don't you try it out."

Beth nodded and put it to her eye and focused on their house and the red mail box out front. The Rito postman, a bird-like man, had just arrived and was taking the mail, when he suddenly looked up at the sky and began waving his wings about wildly.

"Look at the sky!" Deidre suddenly cried, and Beth lifted the telescope to where the girl pointed. There, in the sky was a gigantic evil looking bird, and in its fearsome talons it held someone! A ship out to sea was firing something at it, and it hit it once! The bird dropped the person over the forest that rested at the pinnacle of the summit.

Okay, end of chapter one...more next time....

BTW, this does contain spoilers for Zelda: Wind Waker....


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