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Techniques used in early Irish poetry

Techniques used in later medieval Irish poetry:
Dán díreach ('strict' or 'straightforward art') was a system of verse forms used in Middle Irish. The earliest poems we have in this style date back to the 9th century or so. Dán díreach seems to have been invented by the bards. However, it became increasingly popular until, from AD 1200-1600, the dán díreach style was virtually the only kind of verse used by the filidh.

Dán díreach used the number of syllables in a line, the number of syllables in the last word of each line, and the rhymes, internal rhymes, assonance, consonance and alliteration between the rhymes to set up a subtle pattern. It was not an easy style to master, but it provided medieval Irish poets with some interesting possibilities. I think people writing in English and other languages will also learn a few things from dán díreach. I know I have.

Counted syllables-the foundation

Comhardadh-Irish rhyming

Uaim, amus & uaithne- Alliteration, assonance and consonance

Dán díreach verse forms

Miscellaneous poetry information:
Some terms used by the filidh.

The filidh families.

So, what dán díreach poems you got?

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