Medieval Irish Poetry Links

Medieval Irish and Scottish Literature

Actual Literature Online

The Cattle-Raid of Cooley (Táin Bó Cúalnge), including an Old Irish pronunciation guide and pictures of the manuscript; and
The Story of Mac Dathó's Pig, both prepared by Steven Taylor. What a webmaster!
Chronicle of the Picts and Scots
Lebor Gabala Erren (The Book of Leinster) and the Milesian Legends
The Annals of Ulster
Banseanchus by Giolla Mochuda Mor Ó Caiside
CELT: Irish Language Texts
The Annals of the Four Masters -- Currently CELT has the following volumes online: 1, 3, 4, 5 and 6.
The Annals of Tigernach
The Annals of Connacht
The Egerton Annals: Mionnannala
Cathréim Cellacháin Caisil (The Battles of Cellachan of Cashel)
Aimirgin Glúngel tuir tend by Gilla in Chomded Ua Cormaic
Tuan mac Cairill ro clos
"The circuit of Ireland by Muirchertach mac Néill", Author unknown, c. 1156-1166.
Tréide cétna labratar iarna genemain LL and YBL.
In tan no théigmis don dáil
The Colloquy Between Fintan and the Hawk of Achill

Manuscripts and Images Online

Images from the Book of Kells

Information and Adaptations

The Ulster Cycle Patrick Brown's nice compilation.
The Cattle Raid of Cooley Online Comic by Patrick Brown. What a cool concept! I always thought The Hound of Culann's transformation sequence was anime-worthy, myself.

Patrick Bladey's collection of tales.


The Morrigan and her Germano-Celtic counterparts, a dissertation.

Literary History

The Cassidy Poets, including part of the Banseanchus by Giolla Mochuda Mor Ó Caiside

Links Page

The Digital Medievalist: Medieval Irish Language and Literature Excellent links and information site for medieval studies.
ORB Bibliography of Old Irish and Early Christian Ireland
Wright's Bibliography of Old Irish and Early Christian Ireland
Mirror of Wright's bibliography

Medieval and early Irish music

Gaelic Harps and Harpers with many excellent pictures.

Altramar's "Crossroads of the Celts" concert notes

Medieval Celtic Literature

1995 Robert ap Huw Symposium including an abstract from a performance of period poetry to recreated period music This is very interesting.

Greg Lindahl's online facsimile of the ap Huw manuscript. Bless the man.

Medieval Verse Forms, Modern Poets

Conchobar is a nice guy and a good poet, IMHO.

Irish History Links

Irish History Timeline
Our Heritage, with several regional timelines
Ulster History Highlights with timeline
Ireland's History in Maps

The Labyrinth: Celtic Culture
The Kanes' Irish photo albums
Highlander Software links 
Medieval Western Civilization. Great annotated links.
Uasal: Irish nobility links
The Campus Library poetry links
Every Celtic Thing on the Web arts links
Ireland Mega-Links Cultural Page
Julia Burdsal's love poetry links
British Literature's Ireland information and links
An Anachronist's Encyclopedia: Poetry
The Edgewood Library
Gaelic links of interest
Calvin College English Dept. Literature Resources 
Boke of Gode Links at the Boke of Gode Cookery 
Internet Sourcebooks Project
Ancient Poetry 
Irish literature, mythology, folklore and drama
The Rampant Lion's Links Page (good!)
Poesia nel Mondo (poetry links page from Italy)
Poetry resources for the secondary school teacher
Southkeep links
Celtic and Renaissance links
Fent Filologia Anglesa per Internet: Literatura - Area de Lletres
St. Brigid's Primary School (need St. Brigid poetry back)
Irish Resources for Writers
Voice of the Shuttle: Minority Studies Page 
The Medieval Issues Page
My Celtic Page (includes my translation of the cloak poem)
Ceolta's Realm: Ireland
Irish Cultural Links: Art from Ireland
Atlantia A&S Poetry Links
Karen Boyd's favorite links
Luca Pirovano's cultural links
Myth links
Links to Irish Sites
Clár Cinn le Áine Cooke: Filíocht
Irish love poems (not linked)
Cill Chais
Nancy Richards-Aker's Vocabulary and Beyond for historical romances
Kuno Meyer's translations of The Deer's Cry and some other monk poems 
St. Brigid's Heavenly Banquet
Biblioteche virtuali di opere nelle lingue del mondo
Lycos Community Guide: Various Literary Movements (my poetry page is currently rated 86!) 
The Early Germanic Kingdoms' medieval links
Mirror of the Gormflaith poems: 1 and 2, with link to me
Medieval links
Irish links
Ireland at a Glance (including study links)
Medieval links
Ancient music of Ireland (not linked)
The Book of Deer Project (not linked)
New Songs in Gaelic (not linked)
Reflecting Ophelia: Medieval links
Irish links
Clan Cian-Carroll -- Irish links 
Humanities Resources: Medieval Studies
Irish Well, they're right about my site.... ;)
Encyclopedia of the Celts lists various legendary figures

Irish Language Links

Interactive Irish on the Internet
Tir na nOg: Irish and Gaelic language (including language links)

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