The Dating Game! BG&R Style

Part 1

by Mary Christmas and Jill W.

The Dating Game! BG&R Style

Posted by Mary on 7/3/2001, 12:40 am

Yes, I know this is a deranged piece of work. I am very sorry. I did something similar to this on the Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd Century Board.

ANNOUNCER: And now, here's your host....Mary Christmas!

AUDIENCE: (Applauds)

MARY: Thank you, Bob. Hi, everyone, and welcome to the Dating Game! With us tonight is Dr. Donovan. Doc, why don't you tell us a little about yourself? And why is there a monkey on your shoulder?

DONOVAN: Huh? Wh...where am I? Jenny! Call the Big Guy!

JENNY: No can do, Dr. D. The signal's been deactivated somehow. Besides, this sounds like fun!

MARY: O_O Okaaaaaay.....a talking monkey.
This might be even more fun than with Inspector Beth! Doc, tell us about yourself.

DONOVAN: (noticing mary for the first time)
Well, I am a CEO of a large corporation -- perhaps you've heard of it -- Quark? Anyway, I played major league baseball, and I was at the top of my class....

JENNY: (snorts)
Yeah, and I'm a monkey's uncle. Er....I mean the Queen of England.

MARY: Well, you're lots more cooperative than our last guest. Now, what you have to do is ask the questions on those little blue cards in front of you, that's right, those cards, to our three bachelorettes...
(is interrupted by a stagehand, who whispers something in her ear)
What!? Oh...darn it! Okay, folks, we'll be right back after this commercial break. Don't go away.

Mary Christmas glowered as she followed the stagehand to a back room. She didn't notice the monkey following her. As she entered she saw her producer, Mike, along with two of the bachelorettes.

"Why do we have to cancel the show, Mike?" she asked, annoyed. It had been starting to get fun.

"Because the third girl refused to show up. Something about 'not ever getting involved with anything else that loon cooks up'," he answered nonchalantly.

"Fine, who's here?"

"Jo, from BG&R, and Jesse, from Pokemon."

The monkey jumped onto the table. "So what's the problem. Couldn't you just do it with two?"

Mary sighed in exasperation. "No. There has to be three. Where are we going to get another girl on such short notice?"

Mike, Jo, Jesse, and Jenny all looked pointedly at her. Her eyes widened and she backed up. "Huh uh. No way..."

"Why not? If we have to do it, you can too," Jo said. Jesse nodded in agreement.

"B...but I'm the host!"

"I can host it," Jenny said.

Mike agreed with Jenny and it was settled.

"Fine! But I won't be happy about it."

JENNY: And we're back! Sorry, folks, but Ms. Christmas had to go home. She uh...came down with something. However, I am now your host. Dr. D., ask your first question.

Okay, anyone who wants to can continue this. I don't know why you'd want to, though....

Why? Because we LIKE you!

Posted by Jill W. on 7/3/2001, 1:23 am, in reply to "The Dating Game! BG&R Style"

Donovan rolls his eyes. "Why me?"

Jo immediately jumps on the question. "Because you deserve it!"

Jesse: "Why?"

Jenny: "Trust me, you don't wanna know. Besides, *he's* supposed to ask the questions."
(To Donovan)
"We're waiting, Dr. D."

Donovan: (clears his throat) "Um, bachelorette #2... if you were a dessert, what would you be?"

Re: Why? Because we LIKE you!

Posted by Mary on 7/3/2001, 11:06 am, in reply to "Why? Because we LIKE you!"

Jesse: Well, I'd be...a doughnut. Yes, a doughnut, with chocolate frosting and rainbow sprinkles and cherry filling.... Oh! I'm so hungry!

Jenny: Then why'd you come on this show? Never mind. Next question, sir.

Donovan: (has a confused expression on his face) Well, let's see. Bachelorette #3, if you could be any dog, what would you be?

Mary: Hmm....let me think about this. Dog. A dog. What kind of dog would I be. A German, too big. A, too small. A, too medium. I'd be a cat.

Donovan: Hey, that's a good answer. Your voice sounds really familiar....

Jenny: How could it be a good answer when she didn't even answer the question?

Donovan: Evasive tactics are the mark of a good businessman or woman.

Mary: (groans)

Jenny: Whatever you say, sir. Next question.

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