Part 4

by Will K (willkinn at

Part 4 of my BGR and SH22 crossover. Yes, I know I finally am adding to it!

Once in the cruiser, Holmes asks "Where did you say you were from, my boy?"

Rusty looks at the man and says, "America, why?"

Lestrade says, "That's impossible; the airways have been closed for years!"

Holmes says, "Come now, Lestrade, it's best not to jump to conclusions about things like these."

Moriarty looks around and realizes that he is lost, and has in fact not left the building but is instead wandering the halls thinking to himself, I should have stayed with that doctor; she could have gotten me out of here.

A voice from the distance calls out to him, "You there -- who are you?"

"I am Professor James Moriarty and I come from New London," Moriarty says with annoyance in his voice.

Lestrade pulls the cruiser into New Scotland Yard where Greyson is waiting for her.

"Well, Lestrade, is this the person who Fenwick claims broke into his and Moriarty's hideout?" Grayson asked with a little disbelief in his voice, still thinking this whole thing is a setup.

"Yessir!" Lestrade commented back, with a little sarcasm in her voice. "He claims to be from the year 2004, sir." Lestrade added with a slight laugh.

Big Guy walks towards the odd-looking man. "What have you done with Rusty?" he says with a little anger in his voice.

"I have done nothing with your robot, and to tell you the truth I have no idea where the heck I am," Moriarty responded with ease. "In fact, I would like to know how on earth I got here? Where ever here is," Moriarty said looking around.

"You are in America, and I don't know how you got here, to tell you the truth, but I don't think you are from here judging by the way you dress," Big Guy said calmly.

Erika Slate runs up just then, "I know how he got here!"


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