The Big Guy Is Commissioned

Part 2

by J.P. (RougeSquadronMP at

Dwayne prepared for the test flight right after the meeting. He came back into the hangar to see his crew gathered around a computer.

"What's up?" Dwayne asked as he made his way over.

"There's something outside." Jo replied.

General Thornton appeared on the center screen. "The BGY-11 is needed on deck!" he said

Dwayne rushed into the cockpit of the Big Guy.

"Let's see what this thing can do." Dwayne said to himself as he turned on the BGY-11's systems.

The Big Guy got out on the top deck just to see who he was going to fight.

"A giant squid," Dwayne sighed from within Big Guy.

"I guess this will be the test flight, Lieutenant." General Thornton's voice came over the comm system.

The squid reached out and grabbed Big Guy with its tentacles. Big Guy was thrown down. The squid whacked the giant robot a few times on the deck and then dragged him underwater.

"I hope that thing is waterproof," Thornton thought to himself.

A few moments later, a huge explosion erupted from under the water and Big Guy surfaced.

"So far so good," Dwayne said.

The squid came up behind the robot and grabbed him. Dwayne \could hear metal bending.

"Oh no, you don't," Big Guy said, and aimed his forehead laser and cut off the squid's tentacles. As it reeled back in pain, Big Guy flew up and quickly shot the demonsquid with missiles and machine guns. The squid seemed to sink a little, but wasn't destroyed yet.

"I think you did it, Dwayne!" Garth said.

Just as Dwayne was about to land the BGY-11 on the deck of the USS Dark Horse, something shot out from the water and hit Big Guy.

"Acid!" Dwayne yelled as some of the exterior of Big Guy melted away.

"Dwayne! Eject!" Mack yelled.

"No. Not yet. I still have one trick left."

Dwayne fiddled with some switches and suddenly, the robot's arm shot off and hit the squid bullseye. It was finally destroyed.

The beat-up robot returned to the Dark Horse where an excited crew greeted him.

"From this day forth, I commission the BGY-11 and its crew to active duty," General Thornton said.


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